This summer term was all about homes! Kinder kids learned what it takes to build one, Nursery learned the different parts of the house, and Toddlers learned about the different natural habitats of our animal friends.
To culminate all that they’ve learned, the Cambridge kiddies worked together to build bird houses for our school pet birds, Penny and Georgie!
After building and decorating the bird houses, the set off to the Alabang Hills Village park to find the perfect place for Penny and Georgie to live in their new home.
As a final activity, the Kinder, Nursery, and Toddler kids gathers twigs and leaves for the bird to use as a nest.
At last, the time came to release Penny and Georgie so they could settle into their very own bird houses, with a lot more room to fly around the park!
What a fun and memorable summer! See you around, Penny and Georgie!