July 29 Saturday Enrichment Festival

Cambridge will open its doors on July 29, Saturday. This is the perfect chance for parents and children to see and experience the line up of Saturday programs for FREE. Teachers and Coaches will be there to accommodate any concerns and inquiries. For reservation of slots, please text 0917-526-7902 with the Parent’s name, child’s name, […]

Snack Plan for July 2017

July 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3 Apple slices 4 Bananas 5 Boiled baby potatoes 6 Veggie Pizza 7 Vegetable macaroni soup 10 Oatmeal with milk and honey 11 Fresh Carrot sticks 12 Grapes 13 Steamed broccoli 14 Oat crackers 17 Grilled cheese on wheat bread 18 Baked sweet potato wedges 19 Boiled plantain […]

Saturday Learn and Play Starting August

Saturday Learn and Play Starts this August Open 11AM to 7PM Day Care Programs: Brainy Babies | Reading and Writing Creativity and Arts | Science and Math Other Enrichment Classes: Kids’ Football | Tae kwon do | Yoga Academic Tutorial | And many more…   Lower ground floor, Sports, Hobbies, and Fitness Zone, Alabang Town […]

Snack Plan For May 2017

May 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 No Classes Labor Day 2 Strawberry & Blueberry Bread 3 Apple Slices 4 Boiled Sweet Potatoes 5 Wheat Crackers 8 Rainbow Vegetable Rice 9 Boiled Baby Potatoes 10 Banana and Milo Drink 11 Creamy Broccoli Pasta 12 MOTHER’S DAY EVENT 15 Tropical Fruits Mix 16 Malunggay Pesto […]

Baby’s Day Out

Mommies along with their babies are all invited to come and join a fun learning experience at Cambridge Alabang this summer! It will be an hour of various Mommy-Baby interactive activities. Our program will tap on different developmental aspects appropriate for a baby’s age. Learn more about the “Cambridge way” and discover the uniqueness of […]

Junior Patrol

Children ages 3 to 6 years old are all invited to join our CAREER DAY facilitated at all FRIDAYS of May 2017. Kids will experience goal-oriented role-play activities with a resource speaker. Each session will feature a surprise career showcased by our Cambridge Teachers. Successful participants will be awarded with a personalized badge. JUNIOR PATROL […]

Newsletter of Nursery Vertical AM

Newsletter of Nursery Vertical AM Lights on! What a meaningful way to learn about the everyday light around us. To start off this term, the Nursery Vertical shared what examples of light they know. Some of them expressed to have “white or yellow light” at home. Few of them told the class about sun and […]

Newsletter of Nursery 2

Newsletter of Nursery 2 Blast off! The Nursery 2 students have just started their exploration of our Solar System. Our solar neighborhood is an exciting place and the sun, planets, moon and stars are just waiting to be discovered. The science comes alive in The Mind Museum during the recent field trip where the students […]

Newsletter of Nursery 1

Newsletter of Nursery 1 This term the Nursery has started the new year with fun activities about the lights in the sky such as sun, moon and stars by exploring their special features, They were so amazed when they found out that the sun is also known as the biggest star. They even made their […]

Snack Plan for February 2017

February 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Apples Slices 2 Oatmeal with Milk 3 Field Trip 6 Crackers and Yakult Drink 7 Pears 8 Rainbow Bread 9 Vegetable Macaroni Soup 10 Broccoli and Carrots Rice 13 Mashed Potato with Melted Cheese 14 Banana and Milo Drink 15 Pesto Pasta with Malunggay 16 Grapes 17 […]