Friday Free Day August

Friday Free Day August 2017 Wear your Best Filipino Costume Every Friday 4 – Tagalog 101 11 – Palarong Pinoy 18 – National Dance 25 – Linggo ng Wika

Snack Plan for August 2017

August 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Sotanghon 2 Pancakes 3 Carbonara 4 Graham Crackers 7 Frosties 8 Apples 9 Bread Pudding 10 Crackers 11 Macaroni Salad 14 Fruit Salad 15 Wafer 16 Pancit Canton 17 Puto 18 Bread with Butter 21 Ninoy Aquino Day ( HOLIDAY) 22 Banana 23 Rice Veggies 24 Asparagus […]

Fire and Earthquake Drill

View Gallery Cambridge BHS together with Insp. Jerson Ian Montellana of Bureau of Fire Protection had a fire and earthquake evacuation drill last July 14. No one can predict when fire/earthquake will happen, the best thing to do is to be prepared and ready for all the eventualities.

Coach Kaye, A Professional Triathlete Says

View Gallery “How can anyone not fall in love with these little future gazelles? Had the pleasure of teaching these little ones from Cambridge child development centre about The First Marathon and The Legend of Pheidippides and proper running form. I think Teacher Issa would agree that these little ones really ran their hearts out, […]

Cambridge BHS Soccer Game

View Gallery Playing soccer has never been this fun! It was all because Teacher Ysh of our Training Team, Coach Tina, Coach Dan, and Coach Winston spent the day with us. We can’t thank them enough for sharing their knowledge about soccer shoes and soccer itself. Their energy surely made a “goal” with the kids!

Oh Shoe Fun!

View Gallery This term is all about shoes. Most of our classes started with the different part of the feet and the shoes. Some learned the importance of the shoes in our day to day activities. Some even experienced the steps on how to tie their shoelaces. “They were introduced to different national shoes… and […]

I Camp Live Without Dad

View Gallery Cambridge students just had a wonderful experience with their dad last June 16, 2017. Most of them are all up to join the game such as the sack race, big foot game and the memory game. They even get to experience the program offered by the Ready Steady Go Kids Team headed by […]

Snack Plan for July 2017

July 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3 Cheese Bread 4 Graham Crackers 5 Macaroni Soup 6 Misua with Patola 7 Pasta with Veggies 10 Chocolate Pretzels 11 Pancakes 12 Buttered Corn 13 Wafer Sticks 14 Noodles with Veggies 17 Rice Veggies 18 Carbonara 19 Honey Stars 20 Potato Salad 21 Carrot Soup 24 Cupcakes […]

Get On Your Shoes And Explore The Big World

View Gallery “Get out there, kiddos! It’s a great big world” said Coach Josh of F45 BGC Stopover. It was a great way to boost the excitement of these little kids about our term topic, “SHOES”. Not only our students but also the Parents, Guardians and Teachers were excited to go to Terra 28. The […]

Snack Plan for June 2017

June 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 5 6 7 Spaghetti 8 Banana 9 Bread with Butter 12 Holiday 13 Asparagus Soup 14 Oatmeal 15 Congee 16 Father’s Day Celebration 19 Buttered Corn 20 Apple 21 Frosties Cereal 22 Mushroom Soup 23 Pesto 26 Holiday 27 Champorado 28 Watermelon 29 Veggie Rice 30  Misua with […]