Meet our Teachers

Teachers of Cambridge Binondo, Manila City

  • teacher-chiekie
    Teacher Chiekie

    Teacher Chiekie is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor's Degree of Elementary Education major in Preschool Education. Graduated as a student-athlete, she has become the person who has a passion, dedication, and perseverance in everything she does. She has learned how to set her priorities and to always give the best that she can be. She desires to also bring out the best in her students in their own unique abilities.

  • teacher-mel
    Teacher Mel

    After receiving her degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management, Melanie pursue her passion in teaching and applied in Cambridge as a Chinese teacher. Since then, she has been with Cambridge for almost 4 years handling both Chinese and English classes from Playgroup – Kinder level. Currently, she’s the Centre Directress of Binondo Branch.

  • teacher-danica
    Teacher Danica

    Danica Angeline Tan graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts and Design. Teacher Nica is a very hard working and talented person, her talents and skills includes painting, photography, graphic designing and baking. And at her young age she also manages to be an entrepreneur. With her very jolly personality she is surely loved by the students and by her co-teachers as well. She is a person who can turn a dull moment to a colorful one. Her genuine love for her students makes her a bizarre teacher indeed. She is currently taking up Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas – Graduate School.

  • teacher-jendael
    Teacher Jendael

    Jendael Pang a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Chiang Kai Shek College. Teacher Dael is a very sweet and charming person. No wonder she is loved by her students and co-teachers. Besides from having a pretty face she is also a very talented and passionate person. She masters her craft very well especially when it comes to teaching. She is also an independent and a responsible person. Her peculiar character is what makes her a very effective teacher to her student.

  • teacher-alex
    Teacher Alex

    A dancer, a writer,  and an excellent Teacher with a kind heart, this is how her students and co-teachers describe her. Teacher Alex is a graduate of Far Eastern University with a Bachelor's Degree of Mass Communication. She is a very hard working and talented person. She surprises her students with her creative ideas in teaching them. She always show her love for her students but at the same time she never fails to establish discipline to them. Indeed, Teacher Alex is a truly remarkable Teacher to her students.

  • teacher-kristine
    Teacher Kristine

    Patient is a word that would perfectly describe Teacher Tin. She took up BS Psychology in University of Santo Tomas and is one of those Teachers that will always understand you no matter what you do but makes sure that she puts on her students' shoes whenever there's a situation so that no misunderstanding will occur. Aside from being patient, Teacher Tin also shares her creativity to her students through her unique art activities and discussions. At the end of every class, all of her students bid her good bye with sweet smiles on their faces.

  • teacher-bernice
    Teacher Bernice

    Teacher B, as her students like to call her, is a Mass Communication graduate from Far Eastern University. She is a public speaker—specifically orator—since high school. She is musically inclined which is why she loves singing to rock, country and pop music while playing the guitar. Circle time is an important part of Teacher B’s class because she gets to sing with her students while also teaching them . Arts and crafts are also very close to Teacher B’s heart. This is why creativity is one of the things that she really wants to share with her students. She is a high spirited person with a very happy disposition and positive mindset in life. Teacher B loves children because she, too, is a kid at heart.

  • teacher-paola
    Teacher PaolaTeacher