How Do We Use Our Body Parts

With the use of their hands and feet, the students helped our Tita in school. Tita Michelle showed them how she makes the center clean everyday. With the use of a broom, dustpan and rag they all helped Tita clean the school.

How Mommy Works At Home

Mommy TAeHee welcomed the Nursery students as they visited her house. She showed them all the works she do for her husband and her child. Mommy even prepared food for their snacks. Thank you, Ms.TAehee for doing a favor for the kids and being a part of their learning journey.

Being Musicians For A Day

Off they went to Cebu Music Learning Center. They met the musician there to teach them about the “Ears.” They explored the different instruments such as violin, piano and many more. The Music Teachers taught them how to play with the different instruments. They chose what instruments they like to play with.

Dental Clinic Visit

The Cambridge Cebu students got the chance to visit Ando-Castellano Dental Clinic in Mandaue City Cebu. They were taught how to take care of their mouth especially their teeth. The dentist even checked their teeth for any cavities. Good job, Cambridge Cebu students!