Fashion Show

Walking down the runway for our Fashion Show was fun. We came to school showing off our favorite footwear. Everyone boosted our confidence with this modeling activity.

Pretend Rainy Day Activity

The Toddlers enjoyed pretend rainy day activity in school. Wearing raincoats, boots and umbrellas, they went outside to experience water splashing. Splish, Splash!

What to do on a Rainy Day

“Rain, rain go away, little children want to play.” With their pajamas, sleepwears and pillows, the Toddler students pretended it was a rainy day which meant that they could not go outside to play. When it is raining, we usually stay at home and enjoy indoor activities so that’s what the Toddlers did! ☺

Time to Jog and Run!

As part of the discussion about “Sports”, the children had running and jogging activities in school. Their discussion was focused on one of the sports which is “Running.” Wearing running shoes and attire, they ran and ran with race bibs on pretending they were on a Fun Run. Watch them run!

Health Consciousness Week Celebration

Cambridge Lahug and AS Fortuna had a “ Be Belly Healthy” Friday Freeday for our Health Consciousness celebration. To encourage healthy eating and right food choices, the children were engaged with varied activities to promote good health. Health is wealth indeed!

Cambridge Cebu's Parents' Orientation

A big Thank You goes out to all our Parents who came and were all very participative and supportive during our Orientation on July 15, 2017.