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Message from the School Superintendent

Christmas greetings to one and all!

It’s been an exciting half-school year thus far, and we look forward to more fantastic learning experiences ahead for the rest of the year!

PLANning is a big and important part of teaching. The work we do in Cambridge Cebu is 50% PLANning and 50% actual hands-on teaching and interaction with the students. We also teach the children how to plan for themselves with regards to their school work. This helps them get ready and organized for the BIG WORLD. At home, you can extend the learning – try planning the menu and activities with your children. You might be surprised at the ideas that they will come up!

For us parents, what we really want is to bring out the best in our children, and we in Cambridge Cebu commit to continue doing that as your partners for your children’s optimal development.

Have a fantastic holiday season and make lots of beautiful family memories!


Teacher Jacqui Limtin
jacqui limtin

Teachers of Cambridge Banawa and Lahug, Cebu

  • teacher-jeny
    Teacher JenyHead Teacher of Toddler Class

  • teacher-kent
    Teacher KentToddler Teacher

  • teacher-raj
    Teacher RajJunior Kinder Teacher

  • teacher-christine
    Teacher ChristinePreschool Head

  • teacher-christy-senior
    Teacher ChristyAssistant Preschool Head

  • teacher-eliza
    Teacher ElizaSenior Nursery Teacher

  • teacher-kath
    Teacher KathSenior Kinder Teacher

  • teacher-mabel
    Teacher MabelJunio Kinder Planet Teacher

  • teacher-maia
    Teacher MaiaJunion Kinder Galaxy Teacher

  • teacher-nicole
    Teacher NicoleBanawa Centre Head

  • teacher-cris
    Teacher CrisHead Teacher of Nursery Earth Class

  • teacher-johanna
    Teacher JohannaAssistant Teacher of Nursery Earth Class

  • teacher-maggie
    Teacher MaggieNursery Sea

  • teacher-mariecon
    Teacher MarieconAssistant Teacher of Toddler Class

  • teacher-monique
    Teacher MoniqueNursery Banawa