My School

Dear Parents and Families of Cambridge Lahug & AS Fortuna Centres,

It is a joy to welcome each and every one of you to our family-friendly school! Ushering in the start of a school year is always liberating, as we meet up with our current families and welcome new faces. We are always open to hearing about your expectations of how your children will grow optimally with us as your partner.

We are happy to share that the students are easing happily into their class routines. Soon, we will be having culmination activities as parents experience for themselves how much fun the children have in school as they learn. Play is the work of young children, and in Cambridge Cebu, this is evident in our everyday activities.

During our first month, one of the first things we made sure to do was to engage the children in preparation for potential emergencies. Safety always comes first, and we thank you, dear parents, for offering your suggestions on this topic. We had seminars, simulations and drills. We hope that at home, you also carry out drills with your family. A good idea is to designate an area where all of you can meet safely outside your house once it is safe to go out. That way, you can easily do a count-off.

We have Family Day coming up soon. We hope to see everyone there, as we come together and celebrate as one big happy School Family!

All the best to you!

Jacqueline Hayley S. Limtin ECE Med