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  • teacher-jenny-avila
    Teacher Jenny Avila

    From an early age, self aware of her passion for children, Teacher Jenny chose a career path that would further fuel that desire. Armed with this awareness, she focused her efforts in obtaining her degree in Psychology from Miriam College and her license as a teacher. With over a decade of teaching experience, Teacher Jenny has further sharpened her skills through the application of various teaching methods. The combination of Teacher Jenny’s passion and years of experience will be used as she accepts the new challenge of becoming the Directress of Cambridge- Circulo Verde.

  • teacher-pauline-abante
    Teacher Pauline Abante

    “ A heart for service” This is the first thing that came into Teacher Pauline’s mind on how to describe herself. She loves being around people, most especially children. Taking care of kids and seeing them learn keep her going and motivated everyday. Before graduating High School, she already knew that she wanted to be a preschool teacher. Keeping that in mind, teacher Pauline got her degree in Early Childhood Education at Saint Pedro Poveda College and doesn’t want to stop there. Hopefully by next year, she could start taking up her Master’s Degree on Special Education. One of the reasons why she chose this career is because in her small ways, she wants to help and hopefully change people's lives/relationships for the better.

  • teacher-brijit
    Teacher Brijit

    Teacher Brijit is a Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education graduate who has always pictured her future in guiding students in their education. She always has a soft spot for children and she believes that all children have unique qualities and abilities that are all created equal. She is working hard to achieve her dreams and goals in life, including being an instrument in providing quality education for her students.

  • teacher-ces
    Teacher Ces

    Spontaneous, enthusiastic and talkative are the words that best describe Teacher Ces. She is a princess at heart and loves storytelling, mountaineering and travelling. She graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Preschool Education at the University of Santo Tomas.