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Post Office Field Work

View Gallery This time around we had our fieldwork at the post office. We went to the PhilPost at Virramall. The kind post masters toured the children in their office and showed them how they send letters. They helped them put the stamps in the envelop. And the most...

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Mother’s Day Event 2018

View Gallery The children honored their mommies this Mother's Day by making crafts that showed their love and appreciation, playing games with them and thoroughly enjoying it, and capping the activity by eating cake with their mommies too. It was a day filled with fun...

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Healthy Eating from Head to Toe

View Gallery Celebrating nutrition month, the kids learned about being healthy thru fun activities like art crafts and games. They finished off the day with making their own place mats and giving grocery shopping a shot. Who says healthy cannot be...

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United Nations 2016

United Nations 2016 View Gallery - Part-1, Part-2 Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Ahnyeonghaseyo! Ni hao! Kamusta? Hola! The student and the teachers of Cambridge Greenhills are beautifully dressed up representing a country to join the United Nations Celebration 2016. In...

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Grocery Fieldwork

Last time's field work was a grocery tour for the kids. We dropped by at our friendly grocery Unimart in our search. We were looking for varioys fruits and vegetables and the seeds which some of them came from. There was a variety of them displayed in various sizes,...

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Feeling Groovy Book Fair

Feeling Groovy Book Fair by Scholastic (September 21-23 , 2016) View Gallery Last September 21-23, 2016, our Center had a book fair led by Scholastic. The theme was "Feeling Groovy Book Fair". The students had fun dressing up in their grooviest outfit as Scholastic...

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Mother’s Day 2016

Our Mother's day celebration was a success! The children had fun doing their crafts, eating and playing games with their mommies. Let us remember to make our mothers feel special not just for one day, but for the rest of our lives! Happy Mother's day to all mommies!...

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