Term Light 2017 Culminating

Cambridge Imus at Mind Museum

The awesome Dad's of Cambridge Imus helped put together our outdoor play equipment!

We converted the 2nd floor from classic Filipino architecture to accomodate our Kinder kids. Also, we have a new trampoline in the outdoor play area!

Seeing our seeds grow makes us feel happy, proud, and curious. From a tiny seed planted in the soil, it struggled to grow to reach the light to come meet the gardener. Just look at the happy and curious faces of the little gardeners :)

Last August 26, 2016, Cambridge Imus celebrated Arti-sphere, a culminating activity about the Term Hands and Feet. In this term’s culminating activity, Toddlers showed their fine motor development, cognitive development and creativity through painting. During the event, parents re-experienced what the toddlers learned about different shapes, and how primary colours turned into secondary colours for colour exploration.

We visited a bridal couture shop to know how clothes were made. We met with Mommy Nina and she showed us her shop. We even sat on her chair and imitated how she talked to her clients.Then she showed us the tools she used to make the clothes and gowns. We chose our favorite color from the fabric swatches and thread to match it. She taught us how to use the measuring tape to get the size.

Who’d need Batma,n Superman, or Avengers, when you’ve got Dad on your side. And yes, they all did come to be the Super- that we all know. What’s even more exciting is that these Superdads took their time to play with their child. Here are some proof of Dads being Super