It is the time for the kids to unleash their inner chef skills. Cambridge Imus students prepare sumptuous food for their parents and guests. Each level has their own assigned food, Fruit Salad for Toddlers, Banana Pancakes for Junior Nursery, Strawberry Smoothies for Vertical Nursery, Mashed Potatoes for Senior Nursery and Pesto Pasta for Kinder. Let's all eat well and be well. :)

Last August 2018, the Cambridge celebrated Buwan ng Wika. The theme of the event is about Philippine Literature. The students dressed up according to their chosen performance. The students got to experience singing different folk songs, dancing native dances, and interpretative performance of different folktales.

The Parent’s Orientation event had been a happy beginning to start the school year round. They got to know more about Cambridge and the core principle of what it is all about. The mission-vision and philosophy were retained on their mind as Teacher discussed it whole heartedly.

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