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Toddlers – Tutti Frutti Culminating Activity

Term 2 : SEEDS

Toddler Class
November 2017

What about our journey?

Term 2 has been a roller coaster ride for kids. A lot of topics have been discussed. They have learned so much about planting vegetables, flowers and fruits that grow from seeds. They have tried planting pechay seeds in the backyard. They have also explored different kinds of seeds.

Yet, what took the toddlers interest was fruits. The journey of kids as they learned about fruits was nothing but fruitful. They have showed so much enthusiasm as they learned about different fruits.

Can you guess what part they enjoyed the most? Of course, it’s the part where they get to make and eat fruits desserts!

Some Fruity Activities:

  • Happy Fruits Dance Presentation
  • Pancake Pizza Making with Parents and Kids
  • Fruity Brownie Fudge : A give back to Parents in exchange of gardening tools!

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Junior Nursery A – Term 2 : Culminating Activity

Prepared by: Teacher Debbie

Term 2 Seeds 2

The program started with an educational speech about the importance of nature and how planting trees and taking care of them makes a big difference to our planet. Other than the speech given by Mr. Del Mundo,representative of City Environment and Natural Resources Office, City of Imus, Mr. Del Mundo also assisted the class to plant the ornamental seeds together with their parents at the backyard of the school. After the planting ceremony, the class recited a short poem “Trees by Joyce Kilmer”. Each kid was holding a card with their line on it. Lastly, their teacher presented the Phase 1-3 Wall of Junior Nursery. On the wall, there were two canvas board and one cork board with photos of the kids and short captions as to what they are doing. The class and their parents were also able to see Phase 3 art activities. The parents with their kids had a good laugh because of the photos and were appreciative with the kids work. They took a picture of the Junior Nursery A wall as they seem satisfied with Term 2 Culminating Program and was very thankful for the Aloe Vera plant that their kids handed to them for the last part of the program.

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Junior Nursery D – Term 2 : The Little Chefs

Prepared by: Teacher Chet

Term Seeds

The class of Junior Nursery D tackled everything about seeds and then focused on one of its benefits which is food. The class had immersion to their toy kitchen to learn and practice our “kitchen rules”. Afterwards, they were able to cook some soup, salad, dessert and were also able to make some beverages. Amongst the food that they were able to cook, and took their interest is the banana, as all of them loves banana hence it became the inspiration of their Culminating Day.

Culminating Day

Setting: The classroom was decorated like a mini café with the chef hats that the kids made and some banana artworks.

Journey of the lesson: Nothing beats the smiles of the kids and parents as they watched the video that shows their activities from Day 1 of Term Seeds.

Showcase: The whole class were able to show off their new skill as they made Banana Canapes.

Give Back: As part of discipline, the kids showed that they can also serve their mommies and lolo. They confidently and carefully brought the food to the table.

Parent-Child Activity: The parents were asked to make their own dessert: Dirt Cup.

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Senior Nursery – Term SEEDS : Culminating

Term 3 was an exciting and seedelicious month for the Senior Nursery class. They prepared different kinds of food during their PBEM. They have made food like fruit kebab, pizza, pudding , eggplant fries, omelette, mint tea, banana crepe , calamansi juice, mais con yelo, sweetened red & white mongo and even learn the proper table setting. That’s why during the Culminating activity they demostrated some of their favorite dish when they opened their “Seedelicious Restaurant” . The different acitvities they have done helped to develop different skills like their fine motors, language, creativity, practical/self-help and socialization.

Cupcake design?

The Parents were very engaged in designing their cupcakes. They were so eager in making their own icing by whisking and swishing vigorously their whisk back and forth to break up the egg whites until they are foamy. It is overwhelming to see the parents express their support to their children’s interest and skills development. The culminating activity ended with kids’ awesomeness bonding with their family, which help to enhance the Parent’s and Child relationship. Good job to everyone!!

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Kinder – Culminating Day

Prepared by: Teacher Chet

Kinder Spa

The whole month of November were almost dedicated in practicing the class’ Culminating Day. The kids chose what they will present to their parents, some chose to arrange flowers while some chose to make some body scrub and eye masks. Others focused on food like making a mango shake, fruit salad and lemon grass tea. And one kid was assigned to recall how to plant seeds.

At the beginning of the term Seeds, the kids were first asked to plant seeds and observed how they grow,. Then they were able to know the different needs of the seeds, parts of the seeds and the process of germination. For an in-depth knowledge, the students were asked to plant their own seed at the school’s backyard. Then they learnt about each benefits of herbs and grass, fruits and vegetables and flowers. Each kid found their different interests but all of them enjoyed the whole term as they grow like a wonderful tree.

Give Back

Everyone adores their mommies and it feels like its time to give them a day they truly deserve. As part of the Culminating Activity, the Kinder class set up the waiting area like a spa filled with petals. The Kinder students serve their mommies lemon grass tea, give them eye masks (which are some benefits of the plants), and for the final touch up, the kids give a back massage that will surely ease their stress away.