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Junior Nursery B and C – We are a Tiny Seed!

The students from the morning and afternoon class were combined for the Term Seed Culminating Activity held last November 28. It was a colorful and a fun-filled day as the children entered the school wearing a vegetable, fruit, and even a flower costume. Kudos to the parents who were so creative in making their child’s costume.

The program started with the children’s journey. Photos and snippets of the lesson and activities were shown to the parents to give them an idea of the learnings and experiences of their child in the whole duration of Term Seeds. Afterwards, the children presented a song entitled, “I am a Tiny Seed”, followed by the Seed and Tell portion. In Seed and Tell, the children prepared a short speech to describe and explain the benefits of their seeds. All of them did a fantastic job because they were able to talk confidently in front of a crowd. To make the activity more memorable and fun, the children, together with their parents were invited in the garden area to plant as a continuous project and give back to the environment. To close the program, the children gave a hand print bouquet of rose to their parents as a souvenir.