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Snack Plan for December

December 2016 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday             1 2 5 Champorado 6 Pandesal Condensada 7 Cereals and Milk 8 Melon Slices Mathea's Birthday 9 Crackers Marguax's Birthday 12 Mamon 13 Grilled Sandwich 14 Spaghetti 15 Lemon Square 16 Apple Slices...

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Bioresearch Fieldwork

Bioresearch Fieldwork View Gallery The Nursery students of Cambridge Las Pinas went to Bioresearch Sucat last October 26, 2016 and explored the trees and animals in The Lost Eden. One of their favorites is the Butterfly Garden wherein they explained to the parents the...

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Halloween: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Halloween: Follow the Yellow Brick Road View Gallery Last October 26, 2016, Cambridge Las Pinas celebrated a Wizard of Oz theme halloween party. Parents and kids enjoyed playing the games together and the kids got a lot of treats from treat or...

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Snack Plan for October

October 2016 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3 Apple Slices 4 Banana Fritters 5 Cheese Sandwich 6 Corn and Carrot Sticks 7 Egg Fried Rice 10 No Classes 11 Bread Sticks 12 Broccoli Rice 13 Croissants 14 Mango Slices 17 Pana Cotta 18 Veggie Rice 19 Cheese and...

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Time to Exercise!

Time to Exercise! View Gallery The nursery 1 and nursery vertical visited the circuit box gym in laspinas last August 17. The kids and their guardians enjoyed working out with Coach Charles and Coach Kris who modified a crossfit routine to suit their level.Some of the...

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Soccer Field Work

Soccer Field Work View Gallery Nursery 2 students had a fun-filled experience pretending to be a soccer player. By the help of KICKSTARTERS SPORTS ACADEMY; the students had the chance to play soccer and score their first...

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