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Snack Plan For February 2018

February 2018 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday         1 Macaroni Soup 2 Apple Slices 5 Cheese Cubes and Crackers 6 Kangkong Chips 7 Champorado 8 Banana Slices 9 Pancake 12 Puto 13 Papaya Cubes 14 Valentine's Day 15 Chinese New Year Celebration 16 Chinese New...

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Junior Nursery B’s Fieldwork at the Jaime C Velasquez Park

View Gallery It was a sunny day when these little troopers went to the park. They were able to see different kinds of plants and trees as they played and walked around. They also learned different uses of plants such as protection and shade during a hot sunny day....

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Kinder Fieldwork – Calamansi Fruit Picking

View Gallery The Kinder class had lots of fun during their fieldwork in Solana's house. They got to learn more about the calamansi fruit through planting, fruit picking, and sketching the parts and details of the plant. Through the lessons discussed in class, the...

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A Spooky Halloween at Cambridge Legaspi

View Gallery Knock, knock! Trick or Treat! Cambridge Legaspi students went trick or treating last October 25 wearing their creative costumes. Thank you to all the tenants of Republic Glass Building for being part of the annual Halloween event of the school. Surely,...

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United Nations Day Celebration at Cambridge Legaspi

View Gallery Hurray for a day of United Nations, people, and cultures all over the world! It was a fun day at Cambridge Legaspi. The students came in their unique costumes representing different countries and cultures. Cambridge Legaspi invited Mommy Kai Yin from the...

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Teachers’ Day at Cambridge Legaspi

View Gallery It was a sweet and special Teacher’s day last October 6, 2017. The teachers had a great time with all their students while having their plant artwork, letter reading, story time and photos taken. Thank you for making our Teacher’s day a memorable...

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Snack Plan For November 2017

November 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 All Saint's Day Mid Year Break No Classes 2 All Souls Day Mid Year Break No Classes 3 Mid Year Break No Classes 6 Classes Resume Apple Slices 7 Spaghetti 8 Puto 9 Eggplant Chips 10 Graham Crackers 13 ASEAN...

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