Duck, Cover, and Hold – Earthquake Drill at Cambridge Legaspi

View Gallery The school participated in the earthquake and fire drill. Together with the kids was Teacher Jazzy, a fireman, who shared with them about fire hazards. The children learned how to duck, cover, and hold as well as the proper way to exit and line up during these kinds of emergencies. Being prepared is […]

Thank Goodness for Grandparents! – Grandparents’ Day Celebration at Cambridge Legaspi (September)

View Gallery Cambridge Legaspi kids spent their day with their beloved grandparents. It was a day full of surprises, bonding, and spoiling. The kids got to play, make an artwork, take photos, and even eat ice cream with their lolos and lolas. Some of the them even shared their experiences on how is it to […]

Sari-sari Fiesta! – Araw ng Wika Celebration at Cambridge Legaspi (August)

View Gallery Every year, during the month of August, the whole country celebrates “Araw ng Wika.” It’s a month-long celebration that gives importance to the Filipino Language and its national heritage. In these photos, all the students were gathered every day to sing the Philippine National Anthem. They also sang some common Philippine Nursery Rhymes […]

Let’s Stay Healthy!

Nutrition Day Celebration at Cambridge Legaspi (July) View Gallery Cambridge Legaspi kicked off with a healthy and lively Nutrition Month Celebration. The teachers prepared fun games, and healthy activities such as cooking and real fruit art stamping for the children to enjoy. Also, Teacher Ana who is a certified Nutritionist shared some smoothie making skills […]

Day with The Heroes – Father’s Day Celebration at Cambridge Legaspi

View Gallery The Cambridge family had their Father’s day event last June 16. A fun-filled day of games and activities were played by the kids together with their super dads and moms. They decorated their masks, went through an obstacle course, did a word search and looked for their sidekicks. It was truly a memorable […]

Snack Plan for May 2017

May 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1  Labor Day (No Classes) 2 Watermelon Cubes 3 Pumpkin Soup 4 Graham Crackers 5 Mac ‘N Cheese 8 Vegetable Nuggets 9 Bread Sticks 10 Cantaloupe Cubes 11 Corn Soup with Vegetables 12 Tuna Crackers 15 Papaya Slices 16 Eggplant Chips 17 Crackers and Cheese Cubes 18 Congee […]

Pre-Toddler Open House

Please join us for our Open House Pre-Toodlers Welcoming all 10-18 months old kidsApril 21,2017 9:00 – 10:00 am For more details contact:Teacher Erika Phone: 0917 515 7002Landline: (02) 800 53 49

Snack Plan for April 2017

April 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3 4 5 Ube and Cheese Bread 6 Macaroni Soup 7 Orange and Raisins 10 Cornflakes with Milk 11 Fried Sweet Potato 12 Pancit 13 Holy Week (No Classes) 14  Holy Week (No Classes) 17 Steamed Bananas 18 Pandesal with Coco Jam 19 Misua and Patola Soup 20 […]

Snack Plan for March 2017

March 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Sotanghon Soup 2 Banana Slices 3 Cheese Sticks 6 Champorado 7 Vegetable Spring Roll 8 Honeydew Slices 9 Oatmeal with Honey 10  Raisin Bread 13 Chicken Malunggay Soup 14 Singkamas Sticks 15 Arroz Caldo 16 Wafer Crackers 17 Parent-Teacher Conference 20 Iced Gen Crackers 21 Spaghetti 22 […]

Snack Plan for February 2017

February 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Pancake with honey 2 Omelet 3 Pear Slices 6 Congee 7 Graham crackers 8 Steamed Sweet Potato 9 Papaya Slices 10 Fairy Bread 13 Banana Fritters 14 Valentine’s Day Celebration 15 Fita Crackers with dip 16 Mushroom Soup 17 Popcorn 20 Bread stix 21 Macaroni Salad 22 […]