When it comes to fun and play, daddy is the one who saves the day! Our dads all brought their A-game during our Fathers’ day celebration last Friday, June 16.

Cambridge Salcedo welcomed the Year of the Rooster with a big celebration! In line with the Chinese Lunar New year, the parents were invited to celebrate with their kids and go around different craft booths. We even had special guests who demonstrated how to cook Nian gao or “tikoy”.

Cambridge Salcedo is kicking off the New Year with its new partner – Kickstarters Sports Academy! In a quest for balance between academics and active play, it is a struggle for parents to find structured play programs that fit their child’s interest as well. This is where Kickstarters Sports Academy comes in.

The kids from CJF serenaded us with Christmas songs and modern beats accompanied by harmony from musical instruments like the rondalla, saxophone, and a beatbox. It was truly a display of talent.

Cambridge Salcedo ends the term by holding an open house Organic Market. The different classes showcased various products made from vegetables, fruits, and wood crafts like baked lumpiang togue, healthy bento boxes, fruit shakes, pet friendly frozen treats, DIY fruitcakes, malunggay polvoron, flavored fruit playdough, potted indoor plants and glamorously crafted lamps that the kids helped make.

Last October 26th, Cambridge Makati – Salcedo kids went deep into the sea, in search for treats and candies in our Finding Dory themed Halloween Event! Everyone dressed up for the event in a variety of characters. The kids were given time for both play and treats. Classrooms were turned into play and art areas (Fishing, Jelly Fish craft, Colouring pages from Finding Dory), and after that, they all waited for their turn to line up and go around the building’s neighbouring offices and say “Trick or Treat!” with their sweetest (or for some, their creepiest) smiles. With kids as cute as these, we’re all for treats and no tricks!

Happy feet trooped on over to Cambridge-Salcedo to celebrate World’s Best Playmate Day! It was definitely a fun, fun celebration filled with different activities for the Cambridge kids and their daddies. The fiesta-themed celebration allowed the little artists to show off their creative skills in making personalized pen-holders with their daddies. They also listened to Father’s Day themed stories and played games with the best playmates in the world. The daddies showed their catching and throwing skills in the Egg-Catching game and they definitely showed us that they can crawl as fast as their kids in our Crawling under the Banderitas game. And last but not the least, no Filipino Fiesta is complete without a delicious feast! The tired tots and dads shared a feast of pancit habhab (rice noodles eaten on a banana leaf plate) with the whole Cambridge-Salcedo family! It was definitely a wonderful celebration and we’re looking forward to spend more occasions with you!

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