Meet our Teachers

Teachers of Cambridge Makati

  • teacher-kit-2
    Teacher Kit

    Before she was a teacher, Teacher Kit handled assessments for a management consulting firm. During her first year in teaching, she handled Toddler and Kinder classes. Teacher Kit is a bit shy, but her love for kids and learning always help her shine through. She loves food, colorful pens, and trying different things and exploring wherever she goes. She is a licensed Psychometrician and a graduate of BS Psychology from Centro Escolar University – Manila. On top of her college degree, she has earned her teaching units at Far Eastern University.

  • teacher-nica-2
    Teacher Nica

    Teacher Nica is our go-to girl when it comes to choreographing dance steps and planning surprises and events. She is a BS Psychology with AB in Guidance and counseling graduate at St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. She is someone who has a love for learning and this shows as she is still on her way to completing her next degree in AB Mass Communication in the same university. She is firm with her Kinder students when it comes to classroom rules, but never forgets to love them and play with them each day. Student by mornings, and a teacher in the afternoons, Teacher Nica has a lot of energy and zest to offer, indeed!

  • teacher-chrissy-2
    Teacher Chrissy

    Teacher Chrissy is always ready and game for anything – especially travelling to new places. She loves watercolor lettering, eating, reading books, and listening to her students’ stories. She graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education.

  • teacher-isabella
    Teacher IsabellaTeacher

    Teacher Isa is a graduate from the University of Santo Tomas with a bachelor of music in music education, emphasis in voice. Her student teacher experiences include public and private school settings of grade school and high school level; and private home settings with different age groups. She previously worked at repertory Philippines theatre and is currently a yoga instructor.

  • teacher-renz-2
    Teacher RenzTeacher

    Teacher Renz is always full of energy, just like her toddler and nursery kids. She is Cambridge Salcedo’s resident chef, who can cook up a storm. She is also fond of art, music, dancing, and cooking. With a jolly attitude, she is always prepared to face whatever comes her way. She is a graduate from University of Santo Tomas with a bachelor’s degree in Science major in Psychology. She is also a licensed psychometrician.

  • teacher-jana
    Teacher JanaTeacher

    Teacher Jana is fun-loving, dependable, and is always ready for an adventure. She loves travelling, and collects key chains from the places she’s been to. She is a licensed nurse, and is a graduate of St. Paul University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She is currently taking up her masters at Miriam College.

  • teacher-diosa
    Teacher DiosaTeacher

    Teacher Diosa is enthusiastic, loving and patient. She loves being around kids and is a child at heart. She is a licensed teacher and is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, from Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Inc.

  • teacher-nine
    Teacher NineTeacher

    Teacher Nine is Cambridge-Salcedo’s resident cheerleader. She smiles through all the challenges thrown at her and infects the people around her with her sunny disposition. She likes reading, singing in the shower and surfing the net during her free time. She believes that children learn best when there is love and discipline in the classroom. Teacher Nine majored in Early Childhood Education at St. Scholastica’s College-Manila.

  • teacher-nina
    Teacher NiñaTeacher

    Teacher Niña is the centre’s Lao Shi. She is creative, patient, kind and well-rounded. She loves taking pictures during her numerous travels. She has named her future dog, Summer, and would love to take him to the beach to swim and play fetch someday. She believes that learning should be fun for both the teacher and the students. Teacher Niña took up Multimedia Arts in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde.

  • teacher-mykee
    Teacher MykeeTeacher

    Teacher Mykee is a Psychology Graduate from Assumption College. To start off her career, she was part of a Behavioral Training Firm and later joined the Training Department of an Insurance company. She is currently part of a small group and a worship leader in CCF. She is also into sports and arts, a nature and dog lover too.

  • teacher-mariel
    Teacher MarielTeacher

  • tita-marie-2
    Tita Marie

    Tita Marie is known for her being open and frank. She is fond of joking around with both the teachers and students in Cambridge, thus making everyday a happy one.

  • tita-nats
    Tita Alona

    Tita Alona is one of our loving tita’s in Cambridge Salcedo. She loves having a good laugh, and watching over the kids in the centre. She is fond of sharing stories and making sure all the kids are greeted with a warm welcome once they enter the school.

  • kuya-manny
    Kuya Manny

    He may be the only man in the Cambridge Makati family, but do not think that his manliness overbears his natural, caring instincts for each and one of the students. Kuya Manny is very friendly and approachable to the kids, parents, as well as the teachers of Cambridge.