Snack Plan for September 2017

September 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Eid’l Adha(Holiday) 4 Melon and Crackers 5 Lomi Soup 6 Milk and Cookies 7 Crispy Kangkong 8 Vanilla Wafers 11 Steamed Bananas 12 Vegetable Fritters 13 Pineapple with Crackers 14 Pancakes with Honey 15 Tuna Crackers 18 Buttered Corn 19 Oatmeal with Milk 20 Wheat Bread and […]

Let the Good Times Roll!

In line with their lesson on shoes for sports, the Junior Nursery A and PM class went to SM Mall of Asia Bowling Centre and had a chance to play bowling using the real equipment for the sport. The two classes had a tournament – Kids’ and Parents’ Division. We used a kid-friendly bowling ramp […]

Snack Plan for August 2017

    August 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday   1 Toasted Bread 2 Pear Slices and Crackers 3 Sotanghon Soup 4 Wafer 7 Sweet Potato Fries 8 Kutchinta / Rice Cake 9 Pineapple Slices and Crackers 10 Bread with Guava Jam 11 Suman at Latik 14 Maruya / Banana Fritters 15 Palitaw 16 Carrot […]

Keeping it Healthy Inside and Out! Nutrition Day Celebration

To encourage healthy eating and better food choices, the Cambridge Salcedo kids celebrated Nutrition Month with varied activities that helped promote awareness and knowledge about different food groups and practice simple physical activities that promote good health. The kids and parents all had fun playing Food Group Bingo, Hopscotch with a twist, and watching a […]

Healthy Options (Cambridge Salcedo Friday Free day)

To start off the celebration of Nutrition Month, Cambridge Salcedo had a Friday Freeday with the theme, “Nutrition and Healthy Eating”. The kids engaged in activities like milking a cow, crafts that discussed food groups and choices, fruits and vegetables memory game, and rainbow fruits (fruits in different hues and colors). Given these exercises, they […]

Snack Plan for July 2017

    July 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3 Rice with Mixed Vegetables 4 Melon Slices with Crackers 5 Pandesal with Coco Jam 6 Gourd (Patola) Soup with thin Wheat Flour Noodles 7 Gelatin and Crackers 10 Eggplant Pizza 11 Bread Sticks 12 Banana Slices and Crackers 13 Granola Bars 14 Cucumber Slices 17 […]

Earthquake and Fire Drill

With the changing times, no one can foresee when there will be a calamity. And while calamities are amidst, preparation is number one on our list! Last Friday, July 7, Cambridge Makati Salcedo conducted its annual Fire and Earthquake drill for the kids. We invited resource speakers from Makati Fire Department Substation who taught the […]

Game on! Cambridge Salcedo’s Fathers’ Day Celebration

  View Gallery When it comes to fun and play, daddy is the one who saves the day! Our dads all brought their A-game during our Fathers’ day celebration last Friday, June 16. The kids and daddies made crafts like Mario hats, fathers’ day cards and played active movement games. They stretched it out in […]

Snack Plan for June 2017

June 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 No Classes 2 No Classes 5 No Classes 6 No Classes 7 Stewed Sweet Bananas 8 Macaroni and Cheese 9 Rice Crackers 12 No Classes Independence Day 13 Cheese Pimiento Sandwich 14 Pineapple and Crackers 15 Sweet Glutinous Rice(Biko) 16 Father’s Day 19 Vegetable Fritters 20 Cereal […]

Pre-Toddler Open House

Last May 5, Cambridge Salcedo had an open house event for our youngest learners, the Pre-toddlers. We invited kids aged 10-17 months with their mommies and they all had fun with our carnival themed activities like feeding the lion, passing through a colorful tunnel, and painting with cream and color. The program aims to have the […]