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Snack Plan for February 2018

    February 2018 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday             1 Graham Crackers 2 Pancakes 5 Butter cookies 6 Mango slices with crackers 7 Bread with cheese pimiento spread 8 Steamed sweet potatoes 9 French toast 12 Cheese cupcakes 13 Bananas with chocolate...

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The Perfect Brew

The Salcedo Junior Nursery B class and Legaspi Toddlers went on a fieldwork at UCC Clockwork Blue Bay, Pasay to learn more about coffee as a seed and its benefits. The fieldwork was conducted by the trainers from UCC Clockwork. They started off with a brief history of...

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Nanny Patrol, Nov. 18, 2017

The mission of Cambridge is to continuously advocate the best interests of our students and to bring out their unique qualities. We also equip every caregiver with the necessary knowledge and skills to be our partner in helping us mold and develop these unique...

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Snack Plan for September 2017

September 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Eid'l Adha(Holiday) 4 Melon and Crackers 5 Lomi Soup 6 Milk and Cookies 7 Crispy Kangkong 8 Vanilla Wafers 11 Steamed Bananas 12 Vegetable Fritters 13 Pineapple with Crackers 14 Pancakes with Honey 15 Tuna...

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Let the Good Times Roll!

In line with their lesson on shoes for sports, the Junior Nursery A and PM class went to SM Mall of Asia Bowling Centre and had a chance to play bowling using the real equipment for the sport. The two classes had a tournament – Kids’ and Parents’ Division. We used a...

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Snack Plan for August 2017

    August 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday   1 Toasted Bread 2 Pear Slices and Crackers 3 Sotanghon Soup 4 Wafer 7 Sweet Potato Fries 8 Kutchinta / Rice Cake 9 Pineapple Slices and Crackers 10 Bread with Guava Jam 11 Suman at Latik 14 Maruya / Banana...

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