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The CCDC Shaw students learned more about their 5 senses. We have gone through different sensorial activities to make our topic more experiential and student-centered. We also welcomed a special visitor, an eye doctor — Mommy Michelle Cabral! She is also the mom of two of our students. ☺️

Mommy Michelle talked to the kids about eye care. She gave the students an opportunity to use different equipment for eye examination such as autorefractor, Snellen chart and more. She even showed the kids the procedure in measuring prescription lenses. She also gave out freebies for the JNV kids — free sunglasses! Hooray! 🕶

The kids sure had fun while learning about our eyes. They were so enthusiastic throughout the activity! 😊

Thank you so much, Mommy Michelle Cabral, for being with us and sharing your knowledge to everyone. 💖