Halloween 2016

Cambridge Mariposa - Halloween 2016

United Nations Day 2016

We played "Paint Me a Picture: Around the World Edition" during this years UN Day.

We've Renovated!

At Cambridge Preschool @ Mariposa, we strive to improve ourselves every day. In this effort, we have also made some improvements to our facilities at 10 Orestes Lane, New Manila, Quezon City!

Outdoor Fun Under The Sun

It was a wonderful and fun day to end Term Hands and Feet for Cambridge Mariposa. Our Outdoor Fun themed culminating activity was a success. The kids enjoyed playing with our new play set, our newly decorated play house. And also the kids were all excited to play golf and bowling with their classmates and teachers.

Buwan ng Wika

Isang maligayang araw para sa Cambridge Mariposa nang kanilang ipagdiwang ang Buwan ng Wika noong ika –24 ng Agosto taong 2016. Bawat bawat bata ay masayang nagsidatingan sa Purok Mariposa suot ang kanilang makukulay na kasuotan. Sinimulan ang pagdiriwang ng kanilang Punong Guro na si Ginang Tin sa pambungad na pagbati sa mga estudyante, magulang, at mga panauhin nagsidalo sa pagdiriwang.

Bawat baiting ay nagpakita ng kanilang talent sa pag-awit at pagkanta. Ang mga bata mula sa Nursery 2 ay umindak sa tugtuging ng “Magtanim ay di biro”.

swimming at cambridge mariposa

Join us for an afternoon enrichment swimming program just for children ages 2.5-6 years old with Coach Chris!

Father's in Fashion

Last June 23, the fashionable Dad's together with their stylish kids arrived at Cambridge Mariposa. Camera's greeted them as they prepared to show off their trendy ensembles for Summer, Winter and Fall Collection. Here are some photos of the confident children and parents during our Father's in Fashion event!

Summer Programs