Meet Our Teachers

Teachers of Cambridge Mariposa, Quezon City

  • teacher-kristine
    Teacher Kristine

    Teacher Kristine is a Registered Nurse. She has earned units in her Master’s Degree in Nursing in UST. She completed her Teaching Certificate Program in FEU. She started teaching in an online Korean school handling pre-school to grade school. She loves to teach and enjoys interacting with other people. Since she become a parent teaching has provide her a different meaning. For her, “we need to educate our children, train them young, be patient with them and frequently assure them of our love.”

  • teacher-celine

    Teacher Celine graduated as a Cum Laude, in UST with the degree of BEED Major in Special Education. She is a jolly person with a big heart to every child. She is also helpful to anyone, as she involves herself with different charities. Lastly, she is passionate to her work as an educator. Aside from her academic fulfillment, Teacher Celine used to compete internationally when she was still young.

  • teacher-kim

    Laoshi Kim graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Communications from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia. She is currently taking Masters in Basic Education at the Ateneo de Manila University. When asked what drives her to teach, she said: “I’m motivated to teach because I find joy in teaching my students something new and watching them progress in their own unique way.”

  • teacher-edel
    Teacher Edel

    Teacher Edel graduated from St. Joseph’s College of QC with a degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Special Education and a LET Board Passer (March 2015). Teacher Edel is a fun-loving, energetic, outgoing, loves adventure and dancing, she was a member of a dance troupe during her college days. She is always open to new learning, and very passionate in teaching. Teacher Edel also believes that the more senses that are involved in learning the more and the better the learning.

  • teacher-jessica
    Teacher Jessica

    A graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education. She graduated as a Cum Laude in Far Eastern University and passed her Licensure Exam last May 2016. She’s a very adventurous person and loves to explore new things. She enjoys teaching and playing with her students. Education has always been close to her heart because she believes Education is the key to success.