Summer Enrichment Programs

1. Kiddie Stars – Acting Classes Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1:30pm – 2:30pm Php 6,000 / 12 sessions – Enhance acting skills – Create characters & stories through play & improvisational exercises – Boost the confidence of the students 2. Little Warriors – Combat Aikido Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00pm – 4:00pm Php 8,000 / 12 sessions […]

Mandarin Summer Classes

Mandarin Summer Classes Learn how to speak, sing and write basic Mandarin at Cambridge @ Hemady! Our new 2x and 4x per week summer intensive program is open to all Cambridge and non-Cambridge students. 60 minutes per session Xiao Panda Class 2.5 to 5 years old 2x a week Php 9,000 Xiao Tiger Class 5 […]

Mooncake Festival Cambridge Preschool at Mariposa

Mooncake Festival Cambridge Preschool at Mariposa Cambridge Preschool @ Mariposa kids celebrated Mooncake Festival by creating their very own lanterns! In addition to this, we made Chinese dumplings as well. Good job everyone! We are all very proud of you.

We’ve Renovated!

We’ve Renovated! At Cambridge Preschool @ Mariposa, we strive to improve ourselves every day. In this effort, we have also made some improvements to our facilities at 10 Orestes Lane, New Manila, Quezon City! Have a look at the interior designs that brighten up our classrooms and play areas: We have also added some outdoor […]

Nanny Patrol (Quezon City Centres)

Nanny Patrol (Quezon City Centres) One of the topics we discuss during Nanny Patrol is storytelling. Our teacher facilitators gave tips and emphasized the importance of reading aloud to children. As part of the module, nannies from Cambridge Quezon City centres were given the chance to have their storytelling demonstration today. 😊

Outdoor Fun Under The Sun

Outdoor Fun Under The Sun It was a wonderful and fun day to end Term Hands and Feet for Cambridge Mariposa. Our Outdoor Fun themed culminating activity was a success. The kids enjoyed playing with our new play set, our newly decorated play house. And also the kids were all excited to play golf and […]

Sariling Tugtugin, Iindak Natin!

Sariling Tugtugin, Iindak Natin! View Gallery Isang maligayang araw para sa Cambridge Mariposa nang kanilang ipagdiwang ang Buwan ng Wika noong ika –24 ng Agosto taong 2016. Bawat bawat bata ay masayang nagsidatingan sa Purok Mariposa suot ang kanilang makukulay na kasuotan. Sinimulan ang pagdiriwang ng kanilang Punong Guro na si Ginang Tin sa pambungad […]

Project Based Ecological Model in Action

Project Based Ecological Model (PBEM) in Action PBEM – Nursery 1 The Nursery 1 class learn various lessons and practiced their fine motor skills through this term. PBEM – Nutrition The Nursery 2 kids had a marvelous time with Mommy Xandra as they prepared up their own Healthy Snacks Packs. They learned that preparation is […]

Junk Food Go Away!

Junk Food Go Away! Junk food go away, because fruit and veggies are here to stay! In Cambridge, we’re always preparing healthy snacks for the kids. We’re so lucky that the Salad Masters visited us last July 22 and share their yummy recipe ideas and taught our kids and our Cambridge parents how to prepare healthy meals […]

Parents’ Orientation (July 2016) at Cambridge Mariposa

Parents’ Orientation (July 2016) at Cambridge Mariposa Cambridge Mariposa teachers and staff welcomed the parents with a warm smiles and a butterfly themed setup. Teacher Tin, our directress, had the idea that since “the name of our branch is Mariposa, why don’t we come up with a butterfly themed setup for the parents?!” During the […]