“Thank you very, very much teachers of Cambridge Imus for taking good care of our son, Elisha Jay, especially while we were away. We have seen a huge improvement in his demeanor, confidence and academic progression since joining Cambridge. He is soooooooo happy and excited everyday he goes to school. Eli has a blast at school and is always thinking what tomorrows school activities will bring. With the new bunnies, Eli wants to stay even longer at school and does not want to go home! He loves telling stories of what happened during the day, and, telling stories about his teachers! We appreciate your hard work and dedication for our son Eli!”

Our heartfelt thanks to Cambridge!
– Miamimai Llanes, mother of Eli at Cambridge @ Imus

Miamimai Llanes, mother of Eli at Cambridge @ Imus


Lucas started going to Cambridge at 1 year and 6 months. Many were asking why we sent our child to school at such an early age but we completely disregarded these comments since I’ve read and researched a lot about Cambridge and everyone has great feedback about this school. We are very happy to say that we are proud of our decision because Cambridge did not dissapoint! At such a young age, our son is very active, sociable, vocal and always eager to learn. He seems to absorb things fast and is a very quick learner. Since Cambridge’s programs & activities are so comprehensive and fun for the children, the kids actually enjoy learning and it doesn’t become a burden for them. Plus, the school is very clean, sanitized and has a very pleasant working environment.

Each class has only a maximum of 6 kids and that is what we love most about this school. Besides having very competent teachers with world class standards, they are all are very loving, sweet and accommodating to each child’s needs. With what we have observed, they all have personal relationships with each child and seem to really understand and know each child in their class extremely well.

Truly, Cambridge hones Lucas everyday to be a well rounded, confident and bright child.
– Mrs. Lopena

As parents it is our utmost responsibility to provide a good future for our children and we believe that quality education plays an important role to achieve that purpose. Thus, we decided to have our son Chadrick enter school at an early age of 3 because we want him to develop his learnings and enhance his social skills outside our home.When we started searching for a school, our standards included orderly, clean, conducive classrooms, pleasing, safe and nurturing environment, competent, caring and student-centered teachers/staff. Fortunately, it was a blessing we found Cambridge and chose them as our partner in building a holistic and solid foundation of quality early childhood education for our son.

Directress and teachers in Cambridge are responsive to the children as well as the parents. They are very patient, loving and kind. Cambridge has a complete academic program that helps children to grow and develop all the aspects necessary to learn well. In Cambridge there is a great balance of learning and fun.

We are delighted and impressed by the past two years since Chadrick enrolled in Cambridge. He has shown valuable progress in terms of socialization with classmates and friends. He has also learned to be independent and cooperative. He is always excited about learning and he challenges himself by practicing new concepts even at home. My little one loves to come home and tell us what new things he has learned in school.

My son has been well taken care of both academically and emotionally. We can confidently say that we got more than what we bargained for and we are glad that we made the right choice with Cambridge. In fact our second son Nick Chadler will also get to share the same experience when we enroll him this coming school year.

Our heartfelt thanks to Cambridge!
– Mr. and Mrs. Geronimo

Mr. and Mrs. Geronimo (2)

“My husband and I had difficult time when we enrolled our eldest son to a big school.
Academically, our son adjusted well but socially, we felt our son could do more. So when the time came for our 2nd son to start school, we took time to look for the best preschool that would make him ready to face challenges and real life situations
positively and confidently. Truly, we found it at Cambridge Child Development Centre. They offer programs based on child’s individual needs and interests. Their hands-on activities enhanced my child’s confidence and creativeness. More so, when we had our
3rd son, no doubt we choose Cambridge again for him. They were easily accepted in a prestigious school which we wished them to be. Thanks indeed to Cambridge Binondo for developing and nurturing our children’s potentials and abilities!”
– Mommy Cherry

Greetings! We’re Henjie and Glaze Taguinod, and we’d just like to share our story about how Cambridge Binondo has touched our lives and the lives of our two daughters.

More than 6 years ago, our eldest daughter was diagnosed with ASD a few months before she turned two. We immediately decided to search for a good preschool that will allow her to achieve her maximum potential. Right from the start, Cambridge Binondo has been answer to our prayers in this regard. We truly believe that her experience in Cambridge Binondo which spanned more than 3 years, was a major factor in allowing her to go straight to a regular/ mainstream institution when she started grade school. And she’s doing really well, consistently scoring at the top of her classes.

Our youngest daughter Hallie Gianna, who is now 4 years old, is presently enrolled in Cambridge Binondo. Like what we’ve experienced with our eldest daughter, Hallie’s stay in Cambridge Binondo is also accompanied by tremendous growth and development. But more than that, we feel that it’s the impact to her psyche that’s the best indicator to how good a job all the people involved in the school are doing. She has nothing but good things to say about her everyday experiences and is always excited to go to school each and every day. To put it simply, she’s really happy, and we believe
learning will always be easier for her because of that.

We’ve always trusted Cambridge Binondo with our kids, and we’ll continue to do so. We really believe in the skills and dedication of the educator and staff, and the style of learning that they offer. Cambridge Binonod has really been a blessing our family, and suffices it to say that it can be a blessing to yours, too.

Thank you for this opportunity. God bless!

Mr. and Mrs. Taguinod


Enrolling our daughter Kyrie at Cambridge-Circulo Verde was easily the best decision we ever made as a family. Looking back, we were extremely apprehensive about her attending school due to her overtly shy nature and refusal to socialize with other kids. Besides possibly being a waste of money, we also didn’t want to traumatize her by forcing her to sit in a room with strangers for 3 hours per day which we knew would be challenging. We feared that we would lose whatever progress we saw at home regarding her shyness and social behavior, and debated whether this was a risk we were willing to take.

Not only were we completely wrong, but the staff at Cambridge welcomed Kyrie with open arms and have helped us to completely transform her into a vibrant young girl that now has no issues playing and socializing with other children. hey are professional educators that love children and convinced us of that from the initial consultation and tour of he facility. The materials and methods they use are not only challenging and up-to-date, but emphasize sharing and diversity — all qualities that we value at home as well.

We had many options to choose from for Kyrie, but are certainly happy and grateful to Cambridge for accepting her and for their willingness to cultivate her as not only a student, but in helping to bring out her shining personality for others to see as well.

Thank you!
– The Pearson Family

First of all, I would like to thank Cambridge school Alabang for giving Jillian the necessary tools to be qualified in any prestigious school that her parents wishes her to be admitted. Cambridge has a good selection of excellent mentors that guided the kids. That is why, my child, Jillian, was admitted to Xavier School Nuvali. Again, we thank you, Cambridge-Alabang!
– Mrs. Dimaranan