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Training Schedule for May 2019

Schedule for the Training Series for SY 2019–2020 is now available. Venue: Cambridge Head Office/Cambridge Legaspi, Makati     Download PDF of Training Schedule

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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Kids From Getting Sick this Rainy Season

The May rains have signaled the end of summer. In a few months, the typhoon season will start in earnest, bringing the blessings of cooler weather but also the threat of water-borne disease. To help prevent runny noses and flushed… continue reading.

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Queens Of The Camp (A Cambridge Imus Mother’s Day Event)

  Make way for the Queens of the Camp! To express our unconditional appreciation for our beloved mothers, Cambridge Imus set up a series of tents to house an indoor #glamping. The Cambridge kids were able to express how much… continue reading.

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Five Tips to Develop Good Habits in Your Kids

Habits influence your life more than many people realize. When a person develops a habit, it happens automatically when the cue appears. Washing hands after a meal, putting things back after using them, or turning off the lights after leaving… continue reading.

CP Term All About Me

Curriculum Planning for Term: All About Me

  Schedule of curriculum planning for term: All About Me

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How To Tell If the School is a Good Fit for Your Child

Your toddlers or preschoolers spend almost half a day at school. These precious hours can impact their happiness for the rest of the day – and even the rest of their lives. To ensure your children are happy and successful,… continue reading.

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A Progressive Approach to Learning: The Project-Based Ecological Model

The Project-Based Ecological Model (PBEM) is the heart and soul of Cambridge. It’s a part of each student’s daily routine and takes up a solid period called PBEM time. But what is it?   PBEM Explained In a nutshell, PBEM… continue reading.


Cambridge’s KonMari™ Mother’s Day!

Download poster   Cambridge is inviting all Mommies and their little ones to SPARK JOY: A KonMari™ Mother’s Day Event! Celebrate Mom’s special day with fun and meaningful activities, along with guest speaker, Christine Dychiao, the only KonMari™ licensed consultant… continue reading.

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What is Cambridge’s Teacher Framed Approach?

At Cambridge, we are proud of our child-centered, teacher-framed approach. It plays an integral role in our practices because it encapsulates our teaching philosophy. We don’t rely on a single method for all students. Instead, we let each individual guide… continue reading.

5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged Over the Summer

Need ideas on summer activities for your children? Here are five that can provide hours of fun and learning.   Explore and Roam. Find places that offer active learning experiences that enable children to move and learn. Museums, parks, and… continue reading.