Araw ng Wika 01

Mabuhay from Cambridge Alabang! August was all about celebrating the Filipino language and culture! Students came in their best traditional Filipino attire and brought lots of Filipino snacks to share!


Araw ng Wika 02

The Cambridge Alabang kids immersed themselves into Filipino music by singing traditional folk songs as a class, and dancing the tinikling! They loved tapping the bamboo sticks on their own!


Araw ng Wika 03

Of course you can’t have an Araw ng Wika celebration without admiring our Philippine Flag! Students and their parents helped one another in coloring their own abanico fans in the colors of the flag!


Araw ng Wika 04

Araw ng Wika 05

Overall, it was fun and meaningful celebration of the Philippine language and culture! Until next year!