Fire-Flood-Earthquake Drill 01

Be prepared! The Cambridge Alabang students practiced all week in preparation for the Fire-Flood-Earthquake Drill this July 2019.


Fire-Flood-Earthquake Drill 02

Not only did they work on making a solid line with classmates, they practiced how to quickly, but carefully, duck under the table at the sound of the alarm.


Fire-Flood-Earthquake Drill 03

The Muntinlupa Fire Department and Alabang Town Center Security worked together to help Cambridge facilitate the drill efficiently and safely, especially when it was time to go outside!


Fire-Flood-Earthquake Drill 04

During the evacuation for the Fire and Earthquake drill, the students are trained to forego putting on their shoes as this might take too much time and risk their safe exit! Don’t worry, the students came prepared by bringing an extra change of socks to wear after the drill. 😉


Fire-Flood-Earthquake Drill 05

Overall, it was a successful Fire-Flood-Earthquake Drill! All the students were calm and collected while following these safety procedures. Well done. Cambridge Alabang kiddies!