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  • School Year: 2011 - 2012

For this year’s Father’s Day, we decided to follow the “Race Car Derby” theme. All of the daddies and children used their creative minds to make cars using recycled materials. This was such a heart-warming and yes, Eco-Friendly event!

Our kids explored on different dances, musical instruments and sports during Term 1: Hands & Feet. We encourage experiential learning that is why we love to go out on fieldworks and invite resource speakers.

We did a lot of water activities during this term. The kids enjoyed cleaning their parents’ cars the most! Such a fun way to learn and have fun!

For this year’s annual play, we decided to do a reading recital catering our NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BOOKS. NGS books taps children’s natural curiosity about themselves, the world around them and their place in the world. It also helps develop children’s key reading skills and strategies.

We used our mothers' artistic skills for this year's Mother Day! The mommies along with their kids painted pots for the plants that they will bring home. This event also taught the kids how to take care of plants. Great job everyone!

The lights surrounding us during our fieldtrip surely amazed all of us. The kids learned about the galaxy and astronauts. Everything was interactive and it really pro-longed the focus of our students!