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This is a great opportunity for the parents to know more about the school and staff. The staff provides important resources for the parents to fully understand the Cambridge way. With the parents working hand in hand with the school community, we can ensure a rewarding preschool experience for the Cambridge students.

The kids enjoyed trick or treating around ALABANG TOWN CENTER. Everyone wore wonderful costumes and it made our Halloween in Cambridge more fun and exciting. Indeed, this is one of our favorite holidays! No tricks, only Treats! ;)

Cambridge Alabang decided to take a tour to Manila Ocean Park. The kids learned about different sea creatures while having fun. Cambridge students, parents and staff were able to bond over the beautiful creatures surrounding them.

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Everyone made the color red even more beautiful during this event. The kids created different kinds of Lantern and enjoyed the oh-so-yummy Tikoy!

We invite all the mommies and daddies to join our Pre-Toddler class! It is a guardian and child class that can help your 10 months-1.5 years old babies develop their physicial and social skills. Kindly give us a call for a one-day-free trial!

Our strong and sporty daddies participated well during our Daddy-o-lympics. The kids together with their mommies cheered their hearts out for their amazing daddies! Happy Father’s Day!

Hooooray for all the mommies our there! Today was a girly-girl day for the mommies. All of the mommies looked extra-gorgeous on their special day. Everyone bonded over kiddie crafts and sweet pastries on this special day. Happy Mother’s Day!

Here in Cambridge, we encourage fieldworks and resource speaker visits to engage kids to experiential learning. This is a great chance for the kids to learn more about their term topics.

Happy Hearts Day! On this day, the kids went on a date with their parents. Love, laughter and joy were all over the place.

For this year’s Family Day, we decided to make use of our sporty parents’ talents and at the same time raise awareness on the importance of health and wellness. Everyone participated during our run in Mall of Asia. Parents and kids from different Cambridge branches were able to interact during this said event.