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  • School Year: 2019 - 2020

The Cambridge Alabang families took a walk on the wild side this year's Family Day! On September 20, families gathered at the Alabang Hills Village Covered Courts to play a life-size game of the popular fictional board game JUMANJI! Families were grouped into 4 teams: the Gray Elephants, the Orange Monkeys, the Green Crocodiles, and the Red Lions. Each team had to roll the giant dice to see how many steps forward they could go. The first team to reach the centre (end) and shout, "JUMAJI!" would be the winner! Cambridge Alabang's JUMANJI Family Day was a fun and exciting way to celebrate with our community and fellow Cambridge families. By facing fun challenges together, the Cambridge Alabang families' were able to bond and make new happy memories.

Cambridge Alabang celebrated this year's Father's Day just last June 28! The Cambridge kids came with their families and their superdads dressed as their favorite superheroes for the event's festivities. Our superdads faced each challenge, and with the help of their Cambridge kids, they saved the day! Together, they made this own Super Sidekick puppet pals, raced through an obstacle course, and made their own Father's Day cards. Before heading home after a job well done, Cambridge families replenished their superpowers with super snacks brought by everyone to share. Once again, Superdads and Cambridge kids have saved the day!