Parents' Orientation 2019 01

With the new school year underway, the Cambridge Alabang parents gathered at the centre for the Parent’s Orientation.


Parents' Orientation 2019 02

With the new school policies and updated Parent’s Handbook, previously enrolled parents were still highly encouraged to attend and be informed.


Parents' Orientation 2019 03

Parent’s Orientations are always the best opportunity for parents to further familiarize themselves with the Cambridge curriculum, and get to know the other Cambridge teachers and parents. This year’s ice-breaker events was especially fun! Parent’s were asked to split into groups and share an interesting fact about their little one.


Parents' Orientation 2019 04

To give the parents an idea of how their students develop their skills, the Alabang teachers walked them through a typical Individual Instruction, and even had them try their hand on creating their own teacher-made materials.

Toddler parents created their own color-matching activity, while Nursery parents made a shape-house puzzle.


Parents' Orientation 2019 05

Our partnership with our students’ parents is one of the cornerstones of the Cambridge’s methodology. The wholistic development of the child will come about with the consistent efforts from the parents and the school.