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  • School Year: 2013 - 2014

MOMazing” is a tribute to all the amazing Cambridge Moms. It was a day full of fun games and lots of mommy and child bonding activities. We enjoyed dressing up like our favorite superheroes to honor all the super moms out there. One day is not enough to celebrate moms. Everyday should be “Mother’s Day!”

Welcome to Disneytopia! We ended the SY 2014 with a grand Concert showcasing the very talented superstars of Cambridge BHS. The stage was filled with lions, sea creatures, Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses. It was an amazing experience and a memorable event for everyone.

Pre-toddler Class is a program that will allow babies to be themselves naturally outside their homes. Cambridge provides an environment that is not restricted but is child-proof to help develop their motor and cognitive skills, and most of all to build a good foundation on their socio-emotional skills.

Soon, off to big school they go! The Kinder class is having fun while learning and preparing for Big school! We let them go with so much pride and joy as we are confident that Cambridge has equipped them with life skills they will use as they go out into the world.

Cambridge BHS had very enriching and meaningful fieldworks for Term 3. Kids were able to visit Philippine Air force Museum where they saw different Air transportations and even experienced riding one. Some kids also visited Korean Cultural Center where they learned more about the Korean culture. That trip thought them to appreciate the uniqueness of different nationalities.

Love is truly in the air when kids came to school in their Red outfits and you can see hearts all around. There were exchange of roses and sweet treats but the main treat for that day was the lovely presentations that the children prepared for everyone. It was a Hearty Valentine’s Day!

We showcased the art of Wushu through a demonstration by the Wushu experts. The children had an action-packed day trying their best to learn it. The Cambridge kids also performed the Chinese Fan Dance that everyone enjoyed. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Halloween is always a fun-filled event that kids and even adults look forward to. Everyone took advantage of the chance to wear their favorite costumes from Disney characters to Dinosaurs, Pirates Firemen and even the scary witches and skeletons turned out to be really adorable! Happy trick or treating!