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  • School Year: 2015 - 2016

Attention everyone! The Mightiest Dads can be found here at Cambridge- Bonifacio High Street. They were all gathered here as they celebrate Father’s Day. As we continue in staying fit, like the Mommies, the Daddies have just participated on the Calisthenic Exercises prepared by our quest speaker from Philippine Navy, Mr. Justine Vinas. Everyone, including the mommies, children, guests and teachers had a blast watching the Daddies actively participated on the workout.

The glamorous mommies of Cambridge BHS gathered to celebrate Mother’s Day by staying fit and fabulous as they danced their heart out through Zumba. They sure had a lot of fun while the kids enjoyed painting. Truly, these moms are the queen of our hearts! Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrating Christmas is always so much fun for the kids and kids-at-heart! It was a cold polar experience at Cambridge BHS! We made snow globes, wrapped some special gifts and dance to the tune of different Christmas carols. Our little santa also came over to surprise the kids who have been nice this year!

The children have explored the world of trees for this term - from its parts, uses, the changes it undergoes during different seasons to giving back to Mother Earth by taking care of our environment. The children have surely gained new knowledge on Trees . The kids culminated the term through different activities such as creating an Art Gallery highlighting the use of leaves, a fashion show for all seasons, build-a-library using recyclable materials and designing and creating a miniature house out of wood products. It was truly a meaningful term!

The Cambridge kids followed the White rabbit down the hole to spend a TEA-rrific party this halloween season. It was truly a wonderland as kids dressed up in their favorite characters and received their sweet goodies from all our parents!

Something's fishy this father's day! The kids were all hooked up on their daddies! It was a day of fun as we honored the strong men in our families - our daddies. The children together with their dads spent the day doing some fishy art and enjoying some games. Hooray for our Daddies!