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Term Water PBEM Activities

Last Jan. 27, we celebrated Chinese New Year. Everyone had a great time as they sing and dance children's Chinese songs. Some of our Chinese Parents taught some actions and even shared the tradition they do when welcoming new year.

It's time for kids and kids- at- heart to PLAY, CREATE and LEARN. Everyone had a fun-filled day inside Dreamplay last January 30. They all enjoyed the attractions.

Last January 26, 2017, we celebrated Indian Republic Day here at Cambridge BHS.

Last Oct. 28, HSBC had a Halloween Event - Video Games. Cambridge BHS, Legaspi and Salcedo worked together as a team to provide a fun- filled activities and prizes to our friends at HSBC- Fort Global City.

Giving back to the community is one of unique activities that we teach our Cambridge students. As we end the Term on hands and feet last August 26, Cambridge BHS received a number of book donations coming from our dear parents and students. Here are some of the photos of 2KK (Payatas) Kids who received the books donated by Cambridge BHS community.

As we celebrate the Nutrition Month, Saladmaster shared their time with our Cambridge Kids. They've prepared a very interactive cooking experience with the children, parents and guardians. You don't have to eat less, you just have to eat. right.

Last July 19, 2016, the Nursery 2 class of BHS visited Salad Stop in Central Square in line with our term topic of "Health." The Salad Stop Team gave a brief but informative talk on the importance of being healthy and strong through the food we eat.

Cambridge BHS safely evacuated the Centre during their Fire & Earthquake Drill last July 15. Everybody did the evacuation procedures very well. They didn't run but they walked fast, they used staircase and proceeded to the safe assembly point.