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  • School Year: 2017 - 2018

For this term, the project based activities will be association with ‘SEEDS’ as your child gets involved in concrete investigations, exploration, constructions and discovery of related topics from the many different types of seeds to the parts of seeds, dispersal of seeds, what seeds can be used for, the products of seeds and etc.

"Good Shoe. Good Friends. Good Life" Cambridge BHS children just had so much "Shoe Experience". They enjoyed the activities prepared by their teachers such as soccer game, basketball game/ drills and running exercises. Some even had shoe making activity and stations of different sports.

The month of August marks the National Language Month. Instead of just focusing on with the language we exposed them with the regional costume, national costume, Filipino games and famous Filipino songs/ dances. The parents, guest and of course our Cambridge students enjoyed the activities, presentation and boodle fight.

"How can anyone not fall in love with these little future gazelles? Had the pleasure of teaching these little ones from Cambridge child development centre about The First Marathon and The Legend of Pheidippides and proper running form."

Cambridge BHS together with Insp. Jerson Ian Montellana of Bureau of Fire Protection had a fire and earthquake evacuation drill last July 14.

Playing soccer has never been this fun! It was all because Teacher Ysh of our Training Team, Coach Tina, Coach Dan, and Coach Winston spent the day with us. We can't thank them enough for sharing their knowledge about soccer shoes and soccer itself. Their energy surely made a "goal" with the kids!

This term is all about shoes. Most of our classes started with the different part of the feet and the shoes. Some learned the importance of the shoes in our day to day activities.

Cambridge students just had a wonderful experience with their dad last June 16, 2017. Each batch was divided into groups. Most of them are all up to join the game such as the sack race, big foot game and the memory game.

“Get out there, kiddos! It’s a great big world” said Coach Josh of F45 BGC Stopover. It was a great way to boost the excitement of these little kids about our term topic, “SHOES”. Not only our students but also the Parents, Guardians and Teachers were excited to go to Terra 28.

Cambridge BHS Facilities 2017