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For the whole month of December, the kids did nothing but make different arts and crafts which they sold on the 18th of December. They were able to make lots of different products such as tie-dyed shirts, jewelry boxes, canvas bags, etc. On the day of the party, representatives from WWF – Philippines went to the school to show how conserving the environment is important and how it will affect all of us if it is not taken care of properly. Truly, the party / bazaar was both educational and fun at the same time.

Christmas is all about giving, and that is why instead of having a regular Christmas party, the kids of Cambridge Binondo are going to have a Christmas Bazaar.

​Last October 29, 2015, the kids of Cambridge Binondo celebrated Halloween as they flaunted their Neverland-themed costumes. Everyone had an amazing time Trick or Treating as they get heaps of candies, chocolates, and other food that will make any child happy.

Last October 9, Cambridge Binondo's Themed Friday was Theater Play. All of the kids prepared a short dance number to showcase their talents in front of their classmates. For our story time, the teachers performed a short story in a form of a play for the kids to enjoy. To end the day, the children posed in the runway to show their themed costumes.

On our Araw ng Wika celebration, the teachers prepared various activities for the kids to enjoy. First, they sang and danced to traditional Filipino nursery rhymes such as Paa, Tuhod and Tong Tong Tong. They also ate their snacks in a banana leaf as if having a Boodle Fight, after that, everyone had fun as they played piko with their classmates. Of course, Araw ng Wika wouldn't be complete without a Tagalog Story with a moral.

Everyone had a good time as they celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Mooncake Festival. To start their day, they sang and danced along to Chinese Songs​.They decorated their colorful fish lanterns which they played with their classmates afterwards. After eating their snacks, everyone tried their luck as they played the dice game or Pua Tiong Chu. It was surely a day filled with fun and excitement!

Last September 18, 2015, the kids of Cambridge Binondo had an amazing time as they celebrated Family Day with their parents, siblings, and of course, their teachers. All of the kids enjoyed the day as the sang, danced, and played to the activities with their family. It was truly a day to remember!

Cambridge Binondo held a fir and earthquake drill for the kids to experience and have an idea on what they need to do if in case such incident arise.

On this day, the kids went to the market and bought the things on their checklist using their hard-earned money. The teachers set-up chores for the kids to do to earn their allowance and then go shopping. This is a great way to teach them the value of money and for them to experience the concept of exchanging money for goods as it is done in a real market.