“I am one of the parents trying to instil gentle parenting and Montessori methods in raising a child. With our Christian faith and the pandemic, we wanted to homeschool Caleb. But, that was before Caleb turned two. With his tantrums that included hitting, I lose control. Often I would find it hard to keep up with gentle parenting and lose my temper. It made me feel that I was failing as a parent and as a person. God reminded me in Mark 6:31, I needed time for myself. So we decided to expand our parenting team. We visited a lot of schools and we found Cambridge Binondo suitable for our advocacy. Growth, development, knowledge, skills, safety, and behaviour, are all crucial to every parent.

In Cambridge Binondo, we found our peace. All of the staff make sure that the kids are safe and feel safe. They give kids time and limits to express their feelings and show them empathy. They protect children’s mental health and development. They are open and flexible with every change and demand in giving care to every child. Caleb adapted easily including school as part of our day. Unexpectedly, it was harder to bring him inside the house. He would woefully shout, “I want to go back to school!” for two months whenever we reached our door. It was not hard for Caleb to develop trust and affection with Cambridge Binondo’s staff. Whenever we fail to come to school Caleb would play pretend. He would use his stuffed animals and name them as his classmates. There would be times he’s Teacher Sam saying sit on your names. Sometimes he is Kuya Toto greeting good morning and opening an imaginary door and, sometimes he is Lao shi teaching mandarin to the class (stuffed animals).

Caleb’s tantrum improved. The actual hitting transitioned from saying “Please let me hit you Nanay.”, to “Let’s talk Nanay.” He became more verbal in expressing his feelings. Cambridge Binondo taught Caleb values that he will carry forever. They taught him not only through the rules but by being a role model for Caleb to look up to.

Having Cambridge Binondo as the first school of Caleb is a great step for an anxious mom like me. Knowing you have someone you can rely on is a big help to be able to get your feet back to your goals. The skills they professed, and the self-discipline they preserve are just some of their great assets. They are someone trustworthy to raise, teach and love our children.

To Caleb’s first second parents, thank you for being part of his life. We will never forget your efforts. You are explicitly amazing.”

—Mommy Irene

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“We love Cambridge – Binondo because our daughter Rafi enjoys and learns at the same time. The staffs are very approachable and accommodating. I love the feeling that they make our child feel valued, appreciated, safe and secured at school every day.

Rafi is excited to go to school each day to learn new stuff and play with her classmates. We saw that Rafi has a great improvement since we enrolled her last summer class this year. She became more friendly, sociable and has developed her communication skills.

We’re so excited and confident to see Rafi grow well-equipped and prepared in the future. So happy that we choose Cambridge Binondo. Thank you so much and God bless! Keep up the good work Cambridge Binondo 😊”

—Mommy Janine

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“From very few to numerous words my son can speak, we’re very grateful that we’ve enrolled him in Cambridge. All the teachers and staff are very accommodating and have guided my son very well. Thank you, Cambridge for playing a big part in my son’s progression.”

—Mommy Vanessa and Daddy Andrew

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“Our family really appreciates the teachers and staff of Cambridge, Binondo. The teachers all show genuine interest and love for their students. They all made the environment very conducive for learning. My child became less shy and more talkative since starting school here. We are confident that Cambridge is the perfect place to prepare my child for big school in a few years. Thank you, Cambridge, Binondo!”

—Mommy Mon

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“The COVID-19 pandemic has set the world under immense strain, affecting different walks of life most especially our young ones’ social skills. Selecting a school that conducts a full face-to-face classes even poses a greater risk of contracting the virus which intensifies our fear. But with all the protocols set in place in Cambridge, it made us complacent sending him to school. My son has come so far with his interpersonal skills since he started attending classes. He learned how to listen, fall in line and wait for his turn. My son already has friends, even best friends. He loves Cambridge so much that he wakes up early and is always excited to go to school. He even does role playing at home on what he does every day in school. Teachers here are highly educated and nurturing. They are all very accommodating. If there is ever a situation, teachers always communicate with us in a timely manner. Cambridge’s curriculum is structured creatively to make learning easy and delightful. It is helping Rijoff unlock the skills needed for his future. Thank you and keep up the quality education Cambridge!”

—Mommy Julie

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“Our daughter was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (GDD), her Developmental Pedia doesn’t recommend our child to attend school yet because it might be frustrating for us parents and for our child. But my Husband and I decided to enroll our child at Cambridge Child Development Center PH (Binondo Branch). At first our daughter is non-verbal and she doesn’t want to mingle with her peers, but as time goes by, with the help of the Teachers and Staffs our daughter improved a lot. She can now communicate by talking and trying to learn new things. Also, the thing we love the most is that the teachers and staff truly care about and love our daughter, and my husband and I think it was a great help because our daughter improved a lot. Absolutely no regrets about our decision. We are so excited to watch our daughter grow and learn in such a wonderful environment. Thank you so much, Cambridge Binondo Branch!”

—Mommy Joyce

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“We have been very proud of Miguel’s development. As parents, and even Miguel’s grandparents, we have been very active on how we can help him discover his talents and skills. Parents should be very keen on looking after their child on what is best for them. A child’s development will not blossom without help or guidance. Cambridge made it possible for us parents to discover his traits. Teacher Mel and Teacher Chiekie and their team of teachers were very cooperative, observant and most of all, patient on all aspects, not only with Miguel but also to other children as well.

We were glad that we came across Cambridge as the first school of Miguel. What turned out to be a tryout stint, turned into a full school year. He will definitely carry all those memories with him to his next school. We appreciate all the teachers have done and as parents, we are thankful for all the time they spent with our son.”

—Kristofer Po Lonto & Jackilyn Lonto

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