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  • School Year: 2015 - 2016

May 15 marks our first year here in Cambridge Circulo Verde. To make it more special, we had an Open House specially dedicated to our loving mothers. The children had lots of fun singing, dancing, painting, eating, and listening to a story with their moms. Moms, on the other hand, brought home with them a remembrance made by their little ones with love.

We had an early Chinese New Year celebration in school facilitated by Mommy Girlie Go last February 5. She shared to the community what they do as a family to celebrate the occasion. Complete with lanterns, angpao, gold coins, videos of lion and dragon dances as well as tikoy for everyone, Mommy Girlie explained to the kids the significance of each. It was surely an informative Friday Free Day as we gave importance to our Chinese brothers and sisters.

Since September, 2015, both the Toddler and Nursery classes have been doing their “Reading Engagement & Sharing Time (R.E.S.T)” program wherein each child is assigned to bring a book per day to read and share with their classmates. To reinforce the children’s love for reading, the community celebrated their first Book Week for the school year where they focused on Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider”. Parents took a break from their busy schedules as they watched their kids perform their interpretation of the book through a mini-skit. The kids came to school wearing their costumes made from recycled materials that were specially made by their loving mommies and daddies.

The CV community was given a chance to share their blessings to others by donating diapers and milk to the children of the TAHANAN NG PAGMAMAHAL CHILDREN’S HOME, INC. Ms. Faith, a representative of the foundation, received the donations of the kids, which they excitedly gave. Through this activity, the Toddler and Nursery kids learned the value of sharing and helping others.

Just like any other family during Christmas time, the Cambridge – Circulo Verde community gathered together once again to celebrate the Holiday last December 18. Parlor games for both parents and their kids were enjoyed by everyone. The party won’t be complete without the tummy fillers and stories shared by everyone.

For Term 2, the children from Cambridge - Circulo Verde’s discussions revolved around TREES--its parts and functions, products that we get from them, and its conservation. From all the topics, their interest focused on recycling and products that can be made out of plastic. For the centre’s culminating activity, the students went to Kababaihang Iisa ang Layunin Umunlad (KILUS) Foundation where they saw first-hand how empty tetra packs are used in making brand new bags, pouches, hats, and even placemats. With help from their parents, they were able to make different accessories using old magazine papers. The kids had a lot of fun and we’re sure their parents felt the same way, too!

What is Halloween without costumes, telling stories, and of course, trick or treating? Cambridge–Circulo Verde had all those last October 29, 2015. It was yet another first for them and their students. Their simple celebration started with an activity where the children did not only enhance their fine motor skills and bonded with their parents, but also had so much fun eating the edible materials in the activities they had! Yum! The event’s highlight was going around Industria Mall to collect some treats from their friendly neighbours. In return, the kids sang and danced their favorite circle time songs to them. Sweet!

Last October 16, Cambridge–Circulo Verde had their first United Nations Food Festival. It was a fun-filled day wherein children were able to learn about the different cultures of one another and taste the different kinds of food which originated in their respective countries. Each of the students were excited to partake in the centre’s arts and crafts activities and games together with their families. Everybody went home with big smile on their faces and happy tummies!

Last September 6, Cambridge-Circulo Verde had its very first Family Day entitled, Cambridge Circulo Verde Family Minute to Win It. Inspired by the game show, Daddies, Mommies and kids enjoyed playing against each other as they tried to beat the clock. Almost everybody participated in all the challenges. Prizes were given away to the winners and the rest were likewise given gifts to bring home. The festivity wouldn’t be complete without the yummy food and interesting stories shared by everyone.

For the term on Hands and Feet, the Nursery students had an in-depth discussion on the sport, basketball. With the help of their teachers, they were able to share with their parents and guests terms, skills and values that they learned from the sport through a mini-program. The girls enthusiastically danced for their love ones and did their spiels with much gusto. At the end of the presentation was an interactive activity for both parents and child as they practiced shooting the ball in the hoop.

Last August 28, we had our very first PTC in the centre. The teachers were very excited to share with the parents the improvements that the kids had in a span of more than 2 months. Parents, on the other hand, were very happy to learn about these developments as well as see their children’s work through the portfolios made by both the teachers and the preschool students.

A first in Cambridge schools, the Circulo Verde centre initiated an event specially dedicated for the Mommies and Daddies. Entitled, Daddy & Mommy Playdate, parents had the chance to go back to Preschool to de-stress together with their co-parents. Mommies got to do some coloring activities while Daddies tapped their creativity using Lego blocks. The one hour event turned out to be longer as the parents enjoyed finishing their work while socializing with others.

Though the class was composed of girls, it was a surprise that they ended up learning about BASKETBALL for their Term 1 on Hands and Feet. To further ignite their interest, we invited one of our students’ dad who is a professional basketball player, Daddy Josh Urbiztondo. He talked about how they begin and end their practices with stretches and exercises and the different skills and values you get from playing the sport.