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  • School Year: 2017 - 2018

Our School Facilities

What a wonderful way to end 2017.. as a family! Each family was present for Cambridge Circulo Verde's Sparkle and Shine; It's Christmas Time program. All of the kids were ecstatic to dance and sing for their parents.

Another reason to be excited for the month of October is our much awaited TRICK OR TREAT event!

September 17, 2017 is one of the dates Cambridge Circulo Verde family will never forget. A fun-filled day wherein families from Circulo Verde shared ideas, showed care and love towards one another, and promoted camaraderie to each other. From planning their team area decor to making their team cheer and having healthy competition with everyone, they all went home with memories and a smiles on their faces. :) See you all next year!

Last August 25, 2017, Cambridge Circulo Verde celebrated its 3rd Buwan ng Wika entitled "Indakan". It is a day to showcase the kids' talents in traditional folk dances.

Cambridge Circulo Verde had their very first Grandparents' Day last Septermber 8, 2017. To honor their grandparents, the students went to school wearing their grandparents' occupation when they were still working. :) As a token of their love, each child made something for their lolos and lolas as a souvenir. Happy Grandparents' Day! :)

Cambridge Circulo Verde try their hand at boxing at a nearby Boxing Gym! Thank you, Mommy Vicky Cruz for the photos!

Cambridge Circulo Verde's 80's Dance Party!