Culminating 2 JN2a
On March 14, 2019, the Junior Nursery 2 class went fishing at Aling Nene’s Pond, Valenzuela. The experience was a first for both the parents and the kids!
Culminating 2 JN2b
Catching the fish was a rewarding experience for everyone because it was a product of their patience. It was definitely an exciting and memorable day for the JN2 kids!
Culminating 2 SNK1
After being the architects and builders of their own houses, the Senior Nursery and Kinder class presented their scale models in a showroom event called “Fruitie Town”
Culminating 2 SNK2
The students presented their houses to their parents.
Culminating 2 SNK3
The students made their scale models using shoeboxes, DIY play dough and other decorations to put their own personality into the design!