On October 12, 2019, the kids and their families at Cambridge Circulo Verde came together to celebrate diversity and oneness for this year’s United Nations Week! Each classroom transformed from a local learning environment into an international culture site – all designed with love by their dear parents.


At the start of the program, the CV kids gave a special performance of “We are the World” with a special finale as they sang and dance the Katy Perry hit, “Firework”!



Deep into the centre are the unmissable colors of the home of the most festive people in the world, Mexico! The kids dropped by and decorated their own sombrero here.



Right next door is the enchanting land of Egypt, home of the Nile river and rich history of the ancient pyramids! Here, the kids went on a quest to find all sorts of cultural symbols.



Vamos, vamos! One of Argentina’s unfailing loves is football! At this station, the kids played a game of football, but with a preschool-twist: they have to kick the ball into the goal that matches its color.



Just across the hallway is the beautiful city of Athens, Greece! Aside from being the origin of Greek mythology and the land of white sheets (and lots of them), the Olympics also has its roots here! The kids enjoyed playing basketball and archery at this station.



Of course Asia will not be left behind as the beautiful cherry blossoms hanging from the ceiling invite the kids to Japan! Here are this station are some beautiful display of Japanese figurines and decor. The kids watched a short video about Japan and did a coloring activity!

We can’t wait to travel the world with you again for next year’s United Nations Week!