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  • School Year: 2019 - 2020
Grandparents' Day 2019

Cambridge Congressional kids expressed their love for their lolo's and lola's by spending this special day with their grandparents. They played "Guess That Old Song" with blind fold challenge. The kids performed heartfelt songs and dance numbers. After all the fun games and performances, the kids and grandparents enjoyed some snacks and karaoke. It was a blast!

Culminating Activity: Rainbow Restaurant

On August 29, 2019, the Toddler and Junior Nursery kids ended Term 1: All About Me with their culminating activity: The Rainbow Restaurant. They prepared delicious mango banana fruit shakes and cooked healthy rainbow pasta. The parents ordered the healthy snacks from the menu. And for every Rainbow pasta, they exchanged it with biscuits or oatmeal. And for every fruit shake, they exchanged it with infant milk. These items were donated to Bright Halls Children Foundation -- a non-profit organization that serves as a temporary home for neglected, abandoned, and surrendered children seeking to find a permanent and loving home for the kids.

Friday Free Day: Crazy Hair Day 2019

For our Friday Free Day activity last August 2, the kids wore their wackiest and most creative hairstyles to school!

Buwan ng Wika 2019

Mabuhay! Cambridge Congressional kids celebrated "Buwan ng Wika" with the theme, "Batang Pinoy: Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo - Tara Laro Tayo!"

Nutrition Month 2019: Master Chef Cambridge Kids Edition

Cambridge Congressional kids celebrated Nutrition Month with a healthy meals cook-off! From getting the ingredients in the mini-market to preparation to cooking and baking, our little chefs made us proud with their delicious meals!

Father's Day 2019

"It only takes a minute to make a memory." Cambridge Congressional started the school year with a bang as we celebrated Father's Day. Through this event, the kids and the dads were able to bond and play challenging games such as Face the Cookie, Elephant March, and On The Nose. They also shared some popcorn, corn dogs and sang in the Big Circle Time together. Truly a memorable day for our real-life superheroes!