Resource Speakers Term 1 06

Children learn best when they interact with people. (John Dewey)

Cambridge Curriculum allows our children to meet people who are experts in their field, get to know them, and understand the work that they do. We are grateful to the people who accepted our invitation as we gain deeper understanding of taking care of our bodies for this term!

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Dr. Frances Kaori T. Lobendino of The Medical City, Greenhills, gladly entertained some questions from our kids. She reminded us of proper care of the body by eating healthy food and avoiding some bad habits.

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She showed the kids some tools they use for check-ups; and the kids had fun doing check-up for their classmates too! This was also a great chance for our little ones to lessen their fear of doctors.


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Resource Speakers Term 1 07

Doctors for our teeth and gums are called Dentists. Dr. Jonathan Gamil of Gamil Dental Center took time off his busy day to visit our kids. He explained how our teeth get cavities because of the food we eat. He also taught our kids proper brushing of teeth and discussed the importance of visiting your dentist.

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