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  • School Year: 2019 - 2020

All good things must come to an end through our Culminating: Term 2. The Toddlers created their own animal stuffed toys with their beloved parents. The Junior Nursery AM showcased their favorite animals. While, the Junior Nursery PM class created their own Pet Cafe. The Senior Nursery AM painted their insect costumes and made their own insect repellent soap. Amazing right? For the Senior Nursery PM, they explored the Dexter's Apiary or the bee farm. It was filled with educational and laughable moments. Lastly the Kinder students created their own fish Atlantis. Alastair's fish tank prevailed!

It is amazing how much animal fossils, plants, and habitats we saw in a short span of time. You see, Cambridge Imus went to National Museum of Natural History. Even the biggest crocodile - Lolong was there!

Boo! A spooky Halloween 2019 was celebrated at Cambridge Imus. Everyone dawned their favorite spooky costume such as Maleficent, Freddy Krueger, and Valak. What's more? They went inside the Monster House to get the coveted candies.

Unlimited smiles and laughter were displayed as the Cambridge Imus kids explored the wonders of the Avilon Zoo. Last October 21, we explored the different birds and mammals found inside Rizal's huge Avilon Zoo. Many got up close and personal with the birds and were able to feed the giraffe. See you on our next adventure!

Guess who went on a Flag Hunt? It is us at Cambridge Imus. The students were able to paint their flags and locate it with ease. What a joyful United Nations celebration indeed!

The Family Day 2019 was held in the picturesque Mount Sea Resort last September 24. Cambridge Imus kids and their families showed how enthusiastic and "bibo" they all were as they completed mini-games in our event entitled "Splash and Play". After showing their competitive side, they were able to enjoy their free time in the pool. Congratulations to Team Yellow finishing the race in First Place and to our special awardees. This fun-filled day would not be possible without everyone's beaming spirit!

To love and to cherish the yesteryear entails our Grandparents' Day! We love you Grandma and Grandpa!

Just like that, the Term 1: All About Me has ended. To culminate this unstoppable term, the Cambridge Imus toddlers used their senses to make their own Lemongrass soap. The Junior Nursery Guy Diamond had a Superhero Showcase. The Junior Nursery Branch decorated their own pillowcases in a creative manner. While, the Junior Nursery Cooper drew their own families. The Senior Nursery Satin had a fantastic time making their own Food Menu. While, Senior Nursery Chenille's little scientists made their own Brain Caps. All of these classes were able to help a good cause at "Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc.". Lastly, the Kinder Poppy handcrafted healthy meals for the Children's Joy Foundation. Cheers to the next term ahead!

From representing the myriad of tribes in the Philippines, the Cambridge Imus kids have shown the true value of looking back. The Araw ng Wika (August 23) celebration started with displaying the different games played in the yesteryear. Hampas-palayok and Pabitin are just some of the games that brought smiles in their faces. What's more? They showcased the delicious dishes associated to their designated tribes. What a fun day indeed!

Last July 18, Cambridge Imus students had a hair-raising trip in the Mind Museum. We truly enjoyed all the fun sensorial activities that they had to offer. Look at us explore each installations and listen to each of the Science talks.

Preparedness is another way to combat natural disasters. This is why the Cambridge Imus worked hand-in-hand with Imus Local Fire Department to increase the awareness of the students about potential natural disasters such as Earthquake and Fire. Thank you so much to the BFD c/o City Fire Marshal Rowena Gollod for accompanying us and for letting us meet your very own mascot!

Held last JUNE 28, 2019 was Cambridge Imus' pampertastic Father's Day event. Looking for a free haircut? A pampering massage? Or, an entrance to the popcorn-filled Cambridge Imus cinema? You name it, we've got it! Happy Father's Day to all our cool dads!

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