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  • School Year: 2018 - 2019

Senior Nursery AM and PM class enjoyed every moment in Bounce! They discovered more about the use of their limbs by doing freestyle jumping.

The Kinder students went to Museo Pambata to have a deeper understanding on how different body organs work. The highlight of the fieldwork was a journey inside the human body through a tunnel maze.

Coach Xavier from Pound for Pound Fitness shared his expertise in Circuit training with the Senior Nursery class. They got to experience doing basic stretching, whole body workout and using kid's gym equipment properly.

The toddlers explored more about the fruits by visiting the Pinkberry store in ATC and made a healthy yogurt snack. They got the yogurt from the yogurt dispenser and picked the fruits that they wanted as toppings. They also learned how to make a strawberry kiwi smoothie by helping the Pinkberry staff in putting the ingredients in the blender. What a fun way to learn about colors and healthy snack recipe!

The toddlers had their culminating event to showcase what they learned throughout the term. They made fruit stamping on dish cloth, homemade playdough and strawberry, kiwi, banan smoothie. After doing the activity, they donated the dish cloths and playdoughs to the Little Home of Nazareth Orphanage.

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