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Fieldwork at De Venezia Cafe

Cambridge Las-Piñas Kinder students had the chance to exercise Practical Life skills by learning how to properly set up tables and make Frappuccinos. What a wonderful chance for them to enjoy themselves while learning during their fieldwork at De Venezia Café!

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Fieldwork at Bakebe S’ Maison

Cambridge Las-Piñas Junior Nursery students did their fieldwork at Bakebe S’ Maison, designing and creating their own cakes. It was a good bonding activity while enhancing fine motor skills, learning to follow step-by-step instructions, and expressing creativity through their decorations.

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Toddlers Class Goes to Pinkberry ATC

View gallery The toddlers explored more about the fruits by visiting the Pinkberry store in ATC and made a healthy yogurt snack. They got the yogurt from the yogurt dispenser and picked the fruits that they wanted as toppings. They also learned how to make a...

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September 2018 Book Month

In celebration of the Book Month, we are inviting everyone to share and donate old but in good condition books to encourage more children to read and love books. Collected books will be donated to Little Home of Nazareth Orphanage, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City....

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