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Senior Nursery visits Aerospace Museum

  The Senior Nursery kids went to the Aerospace Museum to learn more about airplanes. They were able to ride a real helicopter and learn parts and uses of the airplanes. Hooray Senior Nursery!  

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Christmas Party

A great way to end the year! Cambridge Legaspi kids celebrated Christmas with tons of toys to donate to Philippine Toy Library. The event was so fun for the kids as they get to perform some hit Christmas tunes, eat lots of food and exchange gifts with one another. The...

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Fieldwork Activity at Manila Ocean Park

The kids of Cambridge Legaspi went to Manila Ocean Park to learn more about the different types of sea animals. The kids went to different areas of the park. They visited the Oceanarium and saw different types of fish and other sea creatures, the jellyfish museum, the...

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It’s the Apocalypse! Trick or Treat Event

  Cambridge Legaspi celebrated Trick or Treat with this year's theme: APOCALYPSE. Kids, parents and guardians likewise came wearing their wonderful and apocalypse costumes. They had a wonderful time as they went around the building for a trick or treat and played...

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  The weather had its mood swings but nothing can stop Cambridge Legaspi as we celebrate Family Day last October 4, 2019 at Greenbelt 3 Park!       Legaspi Families engaged themselves into different giant board games (Snakes and Ladders, Giant...

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Vertical Class goes to Pet Lovers Centre @ Robinsons Galleria

The Vertical Class visited Pet Lovers Centre @ Robinsons Galleria to learn more about freshwater fish! They got to see different types of goldfish, rainbow fish and janitor fish. Also, the staff were so friendly and nice, the kids got to bring home their own goldfish...

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Junior Nursery visits Cartimar!

Junior Nursery kids visited Reptilab in Cartimar to learn more about reptiles. The kids got to meet and greet an iguana, an albino snake. They got to learn that reptiles are also friendly creatures and they are not something to be afraid of. They even get to...

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Senior Nursery goes to Rave of Pasig

  The Senior Nursery kids of Cambridge Legaspi went to Rave of Pasig to learn more about butterflies. They went to the butterfly farm and saw different types of big and small butterflies. Then they went to the flower garden and saw different types of flowers....

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