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  • School Year: 2016-2017

Our Kinder kids had a mini light fair as their culminating activity for our term LIGHT. They were divided into four groups and each group had to present an activity we did in class.

3....2....1 WE HAVE BLAST OFF!!! Last February 21, 2017, the Nursery Vertical kids had their Term 3 Culminating Activity. The kids prepared a short presentation "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" for their parents and guardians. They sang and danced to the song "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

"Stop, Drop and Roll." Our centre conducted a Fire Drill with the help of volunteers from Wack Wack Fire Station last February 10, 2017. The kids listened attentively as the firemen discussed about important safety measures in case of fire.

In conclusion to our "Buwan ng Wika" celebration, we had various activities last August 31, 2016. The kids came to school wearing their traditional Filipino costumes. They had fun with different games and activities. They watched Filipino animated movies, did some Filipino inspired crafts, sang Filipino songs and ate Filipino dishes. But the activity that brought excitement to everyone was the chance to ride two of the well-known Philippine mode of transportation; the Jeepney and the Tricycle! The kids enjoyed the ride together with their classmates, parents and guardians. We ended the event by having the kids get goodie bags from the Pabitin. All in all the "Buwan ng Wika" celebration at Cambridge Shaw was a success!

Last January 27, Cambridge Shaw celebrated the coming of the year of the fire rooster. The kids came to school wearing their Chinese costume or red attire with Chinese lanterns. During Circle Time, they watched a video and learned about Chinese new year and zodiac signs. They also sang and danced to some Chinese songs, and they made their own rooster craft. Oh, how they loved playing with their roosters as if they were real!

It's the most wonderful time of the year at Cambridge Shaw!
We had our much-awaited Christmas Ball last Dec. 15! Parents, relatives and guardians came to witness the kids' performances! AM toddlers did a fun "Christmas Freeze Dance" while the PM toddlers showed their excitement with "Santa Claus is Coming". Nursery 1 gave us chills as they performed "Winter Wonderland". Nursery V, the rocker princes and princesses, excitedly danced to "Go Christmas".

Our kids are still having a Family Fair day hangover. They would enthusiastically talk about the things they saw and did in the fair. Let's look at some captured moments between family members at our booth, aren't they sweet?

The Nursery 1 class started the term learning about parts of the hands and feet. They also learned other animals that have hands and feet too. They had most fun learning about different things they can do and be using their hands and feet. From being firemen, to being chefs and even as yogies, our N1 kids definitely can!

The Term ‘Hands and Feet’ has led the Nursery Vertical Class to become community explorers. They started out learning the different parts of the hands and feet. They made different prints from their hands and feet. They even made their giant feet stompers. From different textures to different movements, the Nursery Vertical Class is always ready and excited to learn!

It was a term full of action and movement for Kinder class. The Kinder class stretched their hands and feet through different games and physical fitness exercises such as stretching, walking, jumping, hopscotch, patintero and the like. Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Happy Learning

The term “Hands and Feet” was full of fun learning and activities the Toddlers definitely enjoyed. They began the term learning about parts of the hands and feet. Their curious and inquisitive mind led the Toddler class to learn about what the hands and feet can do. They also learned how to take care of them through different exercises such as yoga and zumba. Great job Toddlers!

Dancing and painting are two of the activities that our Toddlers enjoy the most! That's why we ended the term by combining both and having an awesome "Zumba Babies Party!". The Toddlers together with their parents enjoyed dancing Zumba. They also had a great time painting and decorating the Zumba shoes that they took home as souvenir after the event. Well done Toddlers!

Cambridge Shaw proudly presents The Nursery Vertical kids . To cap off this exciting term, we had a movie theater themed Culminating Day. Our Nursery Vertical kids were 'Stars for a Day' . They showcased their talents in singing and dancing. We also designed our own Star Trophies. The parents and guardians were all delighted to see the Nursery kids as the main attraction in our Hall of Fame gallery. We ended the day nibbling on yummy popcorn and sweets while watching a short 'movie' featuring the highlights of the kids' activities this term. Kudos to the class for a successful term!

Nakapaglaro ka na ba ng sudsud? holen? newspaper dance? Iilan lang ito sa mga larong sikat sa mga batang Pilipino noon at ngayon. Bilang pagtatapos ng unang termino ng Kinder class, dinala namin ang kalye sa loob ng silid-aralan! Naglaro ang mga bata ng sudsud, holen at newspaper dance kasama ang kanilang mga magulang at tagapangalaga! Sumayaw rin ng Itik Itik ang mga bata. Bakas sa kanilang mga mukha ang labis na tuwa! Mahusay, Kinder!

Kids naturally admire firefighters. Our Nursery kids visited the fire station. They were able to meet the firemen, who showed us their gears to protect them from the fire. The kids were also amazed with the enormous firetruck and its horns and lights! We even got to ride the firetruck! But the most amazing experience we had was when they pretended to put out fire with the water hose. Amazing!

The Nursery 1 class celebrated the end of term 1 with "Fruit Salad Ninja." The kids together with their guardians picked their bananas, grapes and apples. The kids became little chef ninjas and sliced the fruits, mixed it all together and made a healthy fruit salad. Good job N1 ninjas!

The Cambridge Shaw family visited OneLife studio and did yoga with our guardians. It was a fun experience as we did different poses using our hands and feet. We did Yoga poses like tree, snake, frog and bird. But our favorite is when we soared high like an eagle! Namaste!

We'll never know when and where an earthquake may occur. That's why we need to be alert and prepared all the time. In line with the ‪#‎MMShakeDrill‬, Cambridge Shaw had a centre-wide earthquake drill last July 22, Friday. Teachers taught the kids what to do when an earthquake strikes: DUCK, COVER, HOLD. It's easy to remember, isn't it? The kids were able to do the "duck, cover, hold" when they heard the siren. Good job, kids! We would also like to commend our parents and guardians for cooperating with us. Always remember the drill: DUCK, COVER, HOLD!

The Nursery Vertical Class visited the salon last July 28. We gave our feet a sweet treat with a soothing foot spa. You can see the excitement on the kids' faces as they dipped their feet into the warm bubbly water. What a fun bonding experience we had as a class!

The nose has a very important function in our body. It filters the air that goes to our lungs, thus, proper nasal hygiene is essential for the nose to function well. Last July 15, we were visited by Ms. Jennifer of Unilab to talk about nasal care. She taught the kids different ways on how they could take care of their nose. The kids also enjoyed a short video clip featuring our nose and different pollutants, dust and allergens we encounter around us. She also provided the kids with their own nasal kit. Indeed, a cleaner nose is a happier nose. Thank you once again Ms. Jennifer.

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