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  • Term 3 (SY 2015 - 2016)

As we delved deep into the ocean, the Toddlers learned about Scuba Divers. The Toddlers got a surprise visit from a certified scuba diver. The Toddler class listened eagerly and participated actively as our visitor demonstrated and discussed the different scuba diving equipment, its function, importance, and how to use them underwater. They even tried some of the gears on! Good job Toddlers!

The Toddlers enjoyed discovering the wonders of the sea, learning about the creatures that live underwater. What better way to end the term than to invite their parents and showcase what they learned throughout the term. The parents and their kids were amazed as they turned simple plastic and colored water into their very own jelly fish. They even got to decorate a fish bowl and bring home their own pet fish!

Nursery 1 Term 3 Photos

It was a fun filled day as the Nursery 1 class ended the term with a fashion show and a short presentation for their parents. The kids together with their parents decorated the costumes from their chosen countries. The kids’ favorite part however was feasting on their their favorite cuisine from Italy. Exploring the world through songs and food was a great way for the Nursery 1 kids to learn about the world.

The Nursery 1 and 2 classes have been exploring different countries by trying their unique cuisines. As they discussed about Italy- home of delectable pizzas! The children went to a pizza parlor to experience making their own pizza. They enjoyed spreading the tomato sauce, sprinkling cheese and putting their own choice of meat toppings! Mmmm, delizioso!!!

Hello! Konnichiwa! Ni Hao! Ciao! Magandang araw! The N2 kids traveled around the world! We went to Japan, China, Italy, and even Alaska. We also learned more about our very own country, the Philippines. To wrap up our journey, N2 kids opened the World Cuisine Restaurant for their parents showcasing all the crafts they made for each country. Filipino merienda was also served. It has indeed been a great trip with our N2 kids!

Konnichiwa! Our Nursery 2 class learned about the Japanese culture with Michii-san, who took Japanese Studies in DLSU and also studied in Japan. She talked about the kimono and taught the kids some Japanese greetings and counting. The kids also did Origami, the art of paper folding — they made paper cranes! Michii-san, Arigatou gozaimashita (Thank you!)

The Kinder Class created a 3-D city exhibiting the things they have learned throughout the past months. In addition, the children got to perform their favorite book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, for their mommies! Many thanks to our dear parents for joining us and for helping the kids make their maps. Congratulations, Kinder Class, for a wonderful project and performance!

The Kinder Class was visited by a surgeon to share about his profession. The children got to wear caps and masks, see the tools doctors use. The doctor gave each child free ‘consultations’ for their pretend ouchies. He even gave out prescriptions for our visit to the pharmacy! The kids got so inspired that they spent the rest of the week taking turns pretending to be patients and doctors. Many thanks for dropping by (and for the lollipops) Doctor!

As the Kinder class discussed about community, they visited a nearby courier to have their Valentine cards mailed to their dearest ones at home.

The Kinder class was very busy this term. After being visited by a doctor in class, they went to a nearby pharmacy to purchase the prescription given to them. They eagerly waited for their turn to make the purchase. Good job Kinder class!

You can definitely feel Cupid’s presence in the centre. The kids gamely posed and made cute faces on our hearts wall. They even made special I Love You Cards for their Mommies and Daddies. Our kids surely know how to spread the love all around.

The centre welcomed the Year of the Fire Monkey by doing exciting activities like singing and dancing with Lao Shi Chi, making monkey hats, and feasting on Chinese food. We decorated the school with Chinese lanterns the kids lovingly prepared at home together with their families. It was fun watching the kids as they altogether learned to say, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! May the year of the fire monkey bring you prosperity, good luck and good fortune!

Our Friday Free Day was made more special when the centre was visited by Thomas the Train and his friends. There was dancing, story telling and fun games. The children were very excited especially when our new friends gave out activity books and prizes. What a fun day!

For our final fieldwork this school year, the entire centre went on an aquatic adventure! We went to a aquatic themed park and visited a lot of amazing attractions such as the Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show, Birds of Prey, Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter, Jellies Exhibit, Trails to Antartica and Fish Spa. Indeed, it was a day of discoveries and fun!

Our last hoorah for the School Year! From the very first performance by our Toddler Class to the cute performances of our Nursery 1 and 2 classes up to the inspiring presentation of the Kinder class, not only do they look so adorable, they all had big smiles on their faces giving out their best in their stellar performances. It surely made every parent in the room proud! Our kids will definitely move mountains!

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