Pet Patrol - O-FISH-ially Yours

The Toddlers embarked on yet another journey as they explored the world of animals! With the term’s theme, Our Special World, the children got to know the animals living on various habitats — on the farm, deep in the ocean, in the savanna, in the forest, and even at home! What better way to learn about animals than to take care of one, right? 💕

On November 16, the Toddler Class had their Culminating Activity entitled “Pet Patrol!” The children listened to Dr. Dennis Quinito, a veterinarian, who helped us in learning about fish as pets. Then, they applied what the vet taught them by fixing their own aquariums and feeding their new pet fish! Hooray, Toddlers! 🐠

It has been a great term for everyone, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our dear parents and guardians. Thank you and here’s to more adventures ahead! 😀