4 Ways to Build Your Child’s Focus

Posted on May 23 19

Another term is beginning this June. In an increasingly digital world, focusing on a task has become exponentially difficult. Social media, news feeds and the constant barrage of reminders from our cellphones distract us. The skill of being able to focus is becoming more and more valuable.

Here are 4 tips to help develop your child’s focus:

1. Minimize screen time. Children don’t need constant stimulation to encourage them to think. Without anything to do, they do what comes naturally: focus on exploring their surroundings and capabilities.

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2. Give time to think. When kids are quietly pondering something, give them some time to think. They could be creatively working out a problem. Interrupting them will simply break their train of thought.

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3. Simple, tangible toys. Blocks, puzzles, boxes, markers (nonpermanent) and everyday inexpensive items stimulate kids. They encourage the child to investigate possible ways to have active fun, not passively watching YouTube. Some expensive toys are geared toward a specific activity, but a box can be anything! A box could transform into spaceship, a house, a refrigerator, a boat, a fort, a car, a tunnel, a canvas, and many many more.

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4. Let your kid choose. Children focus more on activities that they pick for themselves. Give them 2 choices (so as not to overwhelm them) for their next activity. They will most likely pick the activity they want to do, not what they have to do.

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By letting children experience their surroundings and develop their thoughts, they will develop their focus and attention span. In 20 years, we do not know what changes technology will bring. We do know that 100 years ago, being able to focus was always an advantage; 100 years from now, it will still be an advantage.

Using our proprietary Project Based Ecological Model (PBEM) and our open classroom setting, children are naturally encouraged to choose topics that interest them and focus!

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