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Posted on Oct 16 19

By: Cathy Hwang

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I’m giving credit to all mothers out there who continually support each other in raising our little cherubs. Without them, I won’t be able to come up with the things inside my baby’s bag.

I must admit, it involved the trial and error method.


I overpacked: my husband kept complaining on how heavy and big our baby’s bag is.

Do not overpack, the baby itself is heavy! 😉


I packed light – to the point that we needed to go back at home or buy stuff that we needed!


But now, my baby bag essential is just perfect for us. Let me share what works for us.


  1. NATURAL Hand Sanitizer / Alcohol Spray

I suggest using the MINI SPRAY type so that you can easily sanitize whatever needs to be cleaned – hands, things, people, etc.


  1. NATURAL Toy and Surface Cleaner

Our little ones are naturally curious so this is a life saver! I spray it whenever my baby drops her toys. I spray it on restaurant highchairs. Anywhere and Anything, really.

I transferred ours in a small bottle spray. It is also food grade approved.


  1. UV Mini Wand

This is something we rarely use but I just bring it anyway since it very light and small. Better to be prepared! It can kill unwanted germs in seconds!


  1. Mixie Bottles with Water and Formula or a Multipurpose Cover for breastfeeding mothers.

The Mixie bottle already keeps the water and formula for you so everything is compacted. It is also hassle free since you just have to press a button for the milk and formula to become a mixture. Love this thing.


The Multipurpose Cover can be used in so many ways that I bought 2 sets.


  1. Cloth diaper or towelettes

Can actually be used as blanket and of course, for wiping too.


  1. Extra shirt, pants, socks, jacket, cap


  1. No Rinse Cleansing Water for baby.

There are times when we get home late and it won’t be easy to give babies a bath very late so this is a life savior. Some brands have it in travel size J


  1. Extra wipes, soft tissue and diaper


  1. Mini Fan (electric or manual – whatever works for you!)


  1. Baby’s Snacks (favorites!!)


What else do you put in your baby’s bag, mommas?


Cathy M Hwang

Cathy M. Hwang, L.P.T.

Training head of an international preschool.

A teacher-mommy who just can’t get enough of learning about new preschool trends


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